The Start Of My Weight Loss Challenge 

Weight loss is something I have struggled with my whole life. I was born prematurely and weighed 2lbs 6oz. I had a drastic weight loss up until age 11 because my shunt failed and/ or got blocked, and was just giving me lots of problems. My weight has yo yoed since then, and at my smallest I was a UK size 4-6. At my largest I am a UK size 16-18. I have managed (with my partner’s help) to maintain my weight at around a UK size 16 for the last 6 years, and ideally want to go down to a 14 or less. My ideal size is apparently a size 10-12 for my height. I am about 5 foot 3″. 
 I was weighed today and am at my heaviest ever, so have decided to lose weight this summer. What a good time to start with June being upon us now- new month, new goal. True, it is difficult for me because of my disabilities, but I would like to think it was not impossible.
 I saw some cute clothes when shopping the other day, but haven’t bought clothes since I don’t know when. I have been looking at the denim shirts and skirts in Primark, and will buy them the next time I am there, as I have been promising myself a new outfit since last Christmas. Today started with Alfredo doing my physio stretches on me, and a healthy breakfast of skimmed yogurt with dried cranberries, an apple and banana and wholemeal toast with apricot jam, I was ready to start the day. I do have a weakness for sweet things, and have some caramel flavoured cappuccino which I need to use up. The other day, my mum sent me some fudge, and we just bought some sugar cookies. 
I have decided I will drink a herbal tea or smoothie for breakfast. I always drink herbal tea after lunch. 
There are some plans at least and we will see how it goes. I have a special birthday this year (my 35th) and so would love to be at least a size smaller by then than what I am now. That means 6 months and 21 days to go! 
The challenge is on, and I am up for it! 

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