Review: Garnier Skin Active Hydrating and Calming Hydrabomb Tissue Mask

With winter tightening its icy grip, temperatures dropping and my skin feeling dry lately, I thought today would be a great day to try the Garnier tissue mask which I bought yesterday. The mask comes in a square pack and is part of a new “Hydrabomb”  facemask range. The mask has a blue protective layer you have to peel off after you have spread the mask onto your face. The instructions are on the back of the packet. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was that the mask was neatly folded, so there is good presentation. I swear by Garnier Skin Naturals facial moisturisers and love tissue masks so I decided to buy this. The price varies quite a lot, with the product costing 1.99€ in Primor and 2.50€ in Mercadona. I bought mine in Primor. 

It only takes a touch to see how much product is impregnated into the mask- the words on the packet claim there is up to a week of moisturising serum in it. When I was applying the mask, it felt quite sticky and slippery but that is what I noticed with the only other other tissue mask I have used so far- Sephora’s Honey Tissue Mask. The Garnier mask covered my face well, in fact I would say it was a little on the big side. Quite a lot of serum soaked and dripped onto my fingers during application. 

After the required 15  minutes of relaxation, I took the mask off, and my face was soaked in serum. The mask does a great job of softening, soothing and moisturising skin and it has a slight  mallow scent which is about the same intensity as the Skin Naturals dry skin moisturising cream, and which I like as it is subtle. The serum did dry quickly though. 

The sachet holds 1 mask and is meant to be used for 1 application only, but with that amount of serum I felt it could easily have been good for 2. For hygeine reasons and because I had nowhere to store the mask, I had to throw it away.  

So, how would I rate the mask? 7/10 for application because some product was lost from the serum dripping and staying on my fingers. The mask gets 9/10 for hydration from me because it is a quick and easy way to get an intense shot of hydration- just what my skin needed after weeks of winter. The sizing of the mask was a little big, but it is better it was that was rather than too small. 

The mask is also available in an oil control format and a format for normal skin. I am tempted to buy the dry skin mask again and possibly the normal skin one. If the oil control one is anything like the facial moisturiser, it might be too harsh for my skin, but it can’t hurt to try. 

The hydrabomb mask I tried lives up to its name and is incredibly hydrating calming and moisturising- a perfect winter treat for your skin! I would recommend it and I hope to buy the other masks from the Hydrabomb range soon. Have you tried any of the masks in this range? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 

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