Review: Byphasse Purity Witch Hazel and Orange Blossom Toner (Oily Skin).

I was surprised to find this product is quite good. My skin is combination skin and I have tried so many toners that have been way too hatsh on my skin. I lobe the smell of orange blossom so wanted to try it out.

First impressions are that the bottle is huge. I have just finished it today and so it lasted me at leadt a few months. The lid is a large screwtop lid and this makes it awkward to open and clos, so the product loses points from me from that point of view.

Regards price and quality though, the product is an absolute steal- 500ml of product for €1.99. I find I always run out of toner faster than cleanser so it is great to have this amount to last me.

The smell of the product takes a little getting used to, and I wasnt sure I liked it at first- but it does smell natural and in the end I didnt mind it. The toner didn’t irrtate my skin at all and left it perfectly clean and kept the oilier areas of my skin under control. My skin is usually very clear and I use this toner alternately with one that is not targeted at oily skin. The product gives a good and effective deep clean and is also refreshing. I used it at a time when I was suffering with large pores and it made them less visible. It is perfect for eveyday or alternate use with another toner.

Verdict: 8/10.

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