Unexpected Control Problems

I recently bought new batteries for my old wheelchair which I have had for 9 years. The motors work fine, but I was shocked to discover the control wasn’t working properly. I have had control blips before, but this one has us stumped.

The chair is a Sunrise Medical Quickie Rumba which is one of the brand’s older models, too. In fact, I was checking the powerchair range the other day when I found a communication notice from Sunrise Medical UK saying the chair has been discontinued because of lack of popularity of the model but that the  spare parts will be available for the next 5 years, so that means we should be safe and able to get parts until 2022.  There’s another chair which is marketed as the Rumba Modular which is basically the model of Rumba I have but with more part options- electric elevating footrests, and more control options for example.

The Rumba is quite compact and is a Rear Wheel Drive wheelchair which means it’s hard to manouvre in small spaces.  At least the motor is still working.

When we realised the problem, we gave it a 24-hour charge which was what the people from the wheelchair shop advised, but the problem continued. We checked all the comnnections, but nothing.

Luckily, Alfredo is a great “handyman” but on this occasion we’ll have to see what the technician says, too. I’ll keep you posted!


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