My Garnier Pure Sensitive Challenge Results

As promised, I wanted to share my challenge results with you, Today is the 28th day of the challenge for me. I’ve been using my Garnier Pure Sensitive Soap Free Face Wash and Gel Toner. I’m less than halfway through both products as I used them sparingly as I always use my products. I used them morning and evening.

Face Wash:

This is soap free and transparent. It foams well if you use water and rub it into your skin for awhile, but did not foam as quickly as I would have liked. My skin felt soft on the first use. My pores felt tightened with this product. As I used it more, I did notice some dry, itchy patches on my forehead near my hairline and on my cheeks. There were days when my skin was drier than others after having used the product.

Gel Toner:

This was very calming and my favourite of the 2 products. It was soothing, easy to apply and refreshing. I did not have irritated skin after using it.


Together, the products really worked to clear the few spots I had and they disappeared within a day, much faster than with other products. I was amazed at how quickly the spots went and my skin was fresher afterwards as well as much clearer. I’d recommend only using this range when your skin is not excessively dry as I felt it overdried some of the drier parts of my skin. Better for summer  and days when you have breakouts. I don’t think I’ll be using it every day but alternating it with a cream cleanser to reduce reactions.

I’d be more likely to buy the toner again, it’s gentle but helps oiliness and I want to try the moisturiser from the range to see if it hydrates well and counteracts the drying effect of the face wash.

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