Caring Hand and Body Lotions by Cien (Lidl) 

I’ve been waiting to post this because I finished my Argan Oil hand  and body lotion some weeks ago (it lasted months). I am always on the look out for a good moisturising, yet well-priced hand cream. When I saw the Caring Hand and Body Lotions on sale at 1.79€ (normally 1.9€ ) for 300ml, I bought both the Argan Oil  lotion as well as the Almond Oil one. 

Argan Oil Lotion:


The hand and body lotion is in a pump bottle which holds 300ml of product. This is a good amount considering there are so many hand and/ or body lotions out there that are bad quality for a low price. 

What do I Think? 

I’ll admit that before I bought this, I was doubtful as whether it would be any good. I had heard so much about Argan Oil and am always looking for nutritious products that don’t cost the Earth to keep my skin at its best. 

The product has a thick and creamy texture and is not at all runny or watery like other products. Because of the oil in the product, my hands were a little greasy ( with a sheen) after using it but the product absorbed after a while. 


As soon as I smelled this cream, I fell in love with it. Argan Oil smells rich and sweet. It’s pure luxury. 

Almond Oil Lotion

The product, packaging and quantity seemed the same as the other lotion in the range. What I noticed, however, is that this leaves my skin a bit drier and  I feel it moisturises slightly less than the Argan Oil lotion. 

The smell of almonds  is strong and  is less so when the product is rubbed into skin. 

Overall, I prefer the Argan Oil one as my skin felt moisturised for longer and I love the scent and the product is 10/10 for me. The Almond Oil lotion is a 7/10 for me and I’ve seen it on sale lots more since I bought both of them. I’ll have to wait and see if the Argan Oil lotion is ever back in stock.I would like it to be a permanent product. 


Author: Katherine

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