Makeup from the States

I’ve been looking forward to this post, and am glad the time for it is finally here. I want to show you the makeup my parents bought me on a recent holiday to the USA. Sephora is one of my favourite all-time stores for beauty and I had these items on my birthday/ Christmas list already since about last year so, I asked if they would be going anywhere near a Sephora store on their travels. The answer was “maybe,” so I thought well, I’ll ask anyway, can’t hurt to ask. 

The products are from the Sephora Collection Lip Stories range of lipsticks. I have a lot of lipsticks, and saw these and just thought they were so cute. The packaging is designed and made in Italy. They are $8 USD each (€8.99).

I LOVE purple, and always look out for this colour in makeup. One of the first lipsticks that caught my attention was the lipstick in Desert Trip. The original packaging with the purple tones and the cactus print is just so ME.


The Next tone, Golden Gate, is also very eye-catching. I really like the Golden Gate Bridge design


The next shade, Somewhere in Spain, was a shade that is not available in Sephora in Europe so I was very glad mum found it for me in the US. I love everything Spanish-themed and do not have many nude lipsticks so wanted to give this a try.




The last product is a palette from my favourite brand- Urban Decay (or simply UD as we beauty addicts refer to it).

The palette is the Moondust Palette and it was released in 2017. There are 8 glitter shadows in this one, and I have heard that the colour payoff (contrast) is amazing compared to other glitter palettes in many ranges, both cheaper and high-end brands.  This retails  for $49 USD (€49). It costs £36 in House of Fraser.




I’m always a little reluctant to break into new makeup for the first time as it is so new and beautiful, so swatches of all these products will be coming very soon 🙂










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