Busy Week and A Narrow Escape

This week has been a busy one. Wedding prep was mixed in with (and if not heavily overshadowed by) wheelchair problems. My TDX SP 2 NB powerchair which I love has been playing up for awhile now. The electric functions work but the chair won’t move, After emailing   back and forth with wheelchair technicians as well as the manufacturer, the problem seems to be in the left motor. Yesterday, the chair was finally taken off by my product provider to see if it’s something they can salvage or not. I’ve been told it’ll most likely be there anywhere from 2 weeks to a month but luckily I have my old powerchair.

Got new batteries for the old powerchair which were connected up wrong by the guy who delivered them. After a strong smell of smoke seeped through our apartment, I was left with the feeling that I’d been lucky to have not been in the chair at the time (instead I was relaxing on my bed)  and that it could have been much worse. Getting other batteries which will be fitted (hopefully correctly this time) by the technician.

So, deep breath and move on. I’m having a relaxing Friday evening listening to music and have my last dress fitting tomorrow.

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