Feature Post: Restorations by Charles Strickler Going from Reader to Writer 

About the Book: 

Released April 20, 2019 by Koehler Books

A fast-paced thriller that puts the pedal to the metal from page one, Restorations starts off with a bank robbery and a car chase, and the action doesn’t slow down there. The car in question is a 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Boattail Roadster and it’s almost 100 years past its prime when it resurfaces. Miles West, an investment banker who has veered off course after the death of his wife and parents, has no idea that the antique car he’s so enamored with may be the thing to give him a destination again.

Going from Reader to Writer by Charles Strickler: 

When I read stories that I really enjoy, I love the feeling of getting pulled into the story to the point I don’t want it to end, it’s sort of magical. Sometimes you read a story and you start to wonder what if … the neat thing about writing is that you get the chance to write those other what-if stories. So, I aspire to write stories that others will enjoy and find just as captivating.  
I have always enjoyed writing for fun, short stories, and thematic newsletters, but taking on a book was a big step. I spent a lot of time working on the book before I was ready to share it with others. I suppose I needed to prove to myself that I could pull together a solid engaging story. At the point I had one that I was comfortable sharing, I asked several people I respected to test read my novel. They labored through the unabridged version of Restorations, which was over 110,000 words in length! I will always be grateful for their assistance and support.
When you spend time writing, you definitely start looking at the things you read a little differently. As a reader, I enjoyed getting immersed in the story and didn’t spend much time thinking about the technical aspects of how it was crafted. However, as a writer I am much more attuned to things, like how the story is paced or the balance of dialogue versus description, as well as the authors voice. Writing a novel has also given me an even greater appreciation for some of my favorite books and authors. As I get the chance, I enjoy re-reading some of my favorite books with an eye for the things that really pulled me into the story. It’s a daunting task to identify some of those illusive elements and incorporate them seamlessly into your own stories. Restorations has undoubtably been influenced by the many books I have read over the years, as well as various life experiences.
About Charles Strickler:

Charles Strickler is a native Virginian. He graduated from Virginia Tech where he also met his future bride Mary. An entrepreneur with work experiences that range from the barnyard to the Board Room, Charles brings a unique perspective to his mysteries. Charles is an advocate for the fight against Polycystic Kidney Disease, a mystery he does not like. PKD is a genetic disease affecting 200,000 people per year. While there is no cure yet, the PKD Foundation continues to fund promising research to discover treatments that can slow the progression and eventually end this disease.


Buy Restorations Here:
Connect with Strickler at CharlesStrickler.com, Facebook.com/charlesstricklerauthor and Instagram.com/cstricklerauthor.

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