Review: Vampire’s Kiss Book 1- Blood Curse  (Point Horror) by Julie Harrell 

About the Book: 
Rina is beautiful, mysterious and a vampire. Bound to a blood curse aginst her will over 200 years ago, she is compelled to wander the earth alone. She then meets James who soon falls under her spell but her rival, Chelsea, will do anything to keep him in what becomes a bloody battle for supremacy.

My Review: 

Rina is 200 years old and is a vampire. A blood curse means she is destined to live life as an immortal. 
James is a high school student who sparks an interest in Rina. She poses as a student and is in all his classes but his girlfriend Chelsea sees something wierd in Rina from the start. 
Who will win James’ heart? 
Blood Curse is the first Point Horror book I have read and also the first in this mini series. 
The author, Janice Harrell, had me hooked right from the first word in the book. 
The doubt and mystery James and Chelsea felt surrounding Rina, her personality and presence was extremely well portrayed and the love battle between Rina and Chelsea in their fight for James was well done, too. 
I felt for Rina when she missed her human life and disliked Chelsea. 
A quick, fast- paced read. I’ll be on the lookout for more Point Horror books as well as Blood Spell, the second one in the series (an extract of which is at the end of book 1 which I was pleased to find). 
5 stars. 

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