Spookathon 2019 Listening List

It’s Readathon season again! I love books and challenges. Some days ago I was searching for a new challenge to help me get through my TBR pile and found the Spookathon. 

Here are my books: 

Thriller: Mother by S.E. Lynes

A book with red on the cover: Carrie by Stephen King. I loved the film and just recently saw it again so this seemed a good choice for this category. 

A Book with a spooky setting: Down to the Woods by M. J Arlidge

Spooky word: Charmed: A Thousand Deaths by Amy Schultz- I first started watching Charmed at university and my friends and I loved it. I only have one other book based on the series and was approved for the ARC of this and it fits as death is something that’s scary. 

A Book You Would not Usually Read: The Shining by Stephen King 

See you from 14-20 October. I haven’t found any way to officially sign up for this so I’m just going to take part and blog about it like I did in the Booktubeathon earlier this year when their  site was playing up. 

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