DIY MFA Weekend Writing Sprint Course Review

Wanting to get back to my writing, I signed up again to the Weekend Writing Sprint this past weekend. The course consists of six short videos and 27 minutes of recordings in all.

Everything covered focused on tips for planning such as setting smart goals, mapping out three ideas, organizing and setting time limits.

Rivalry is something that’s found in any activity. The course will give you tips for avoiding this and being true to your own writing.

Inspiration may be what is needed…or not. The course debunks myths surrounding whether you need it to write or not.

Gabriela teaches us that embracing wins, and indeed any type of progress, is good and that above all we should never give up.

The course is quick yet has some interesting details and examples as well as tips that made me think they were all good suggestions.

Gabriela teaches in a way that things are clear within the time limit and it was enjoyable. I think the course is good for all skill levels and if you have done it before like I have then it is a great tool for revising concepts.

My advice is to sign up for DIY MFA emails and follow on Twitter @diymfa.

The course is free of charge but it is available for a limited time every time it is taken out of the DIY MFA vault.

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