A Relaxing Easter Day

Last Easter, we were in lockdown. This Easter, Alfredo and I watched some movies. We saw Noah yesterday (the story of Noah’s Ark) as well as Mr Magorium’s Magic Emporium. I realised Star Trek Into Darkness, the second of the most recent Star Trek films was on, so we saw that.

We are self isolating still but wanted as relaxing a day as possible. We ate our usual salad and soup and had one of my favourite foods, pasta. Easter eggs not forgotten, we ate some of those, too.

Camp NaNoWriMo started on April 1. I am working on a short story which is in the paranornal romance genre and am 1,800 words in.

I liked Daniel David Wallace’s recent summit and he was hosing a 6-day course called Copying the Greats. It finished today and involved coming up with my own paragraphs from excerpts of famous novels. I found some parts easier than others but I am glad I took the chance to do this short course. Each task took 10-15 minutes and was challenging. The course, like the summit, was free.

I have not worked on my creative projects at all this year, so Camp NaNoWriMo seemed a good place to start.

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