#CaptainTom100 Day 1: 100 Writing Prompts

Happy birthday Captain Tom!

Captain Tom Moore walked 100 laps of his garden during lockdown to raise funds for the NHS. As someone born in England, I have felt humbled that he wanted to do this and that he achieved it through sheer determination and effort.

Anybody who follows my blog will no doubt know by now that I love my challenges. So, when I heard of the #CaptainTom100 Challenge starting today and running the whole May Bank Holiday (for those not from the UK, this means today, April 30, until May 3) I quickly came up with some ideas that would be fun for me to do.

I am still self-isolating for my own safety and protection and out of personal responsibility. I let my mind run wild, as it often does when I am faced with a challenge.

My first thought was that I could eat 100 cookies or marshmallows or do 100 different makeup looks, but then I thought “As much as I love my sweet treats and makeup, I want to do something related to writing (as if I haven’t done enough of that this month with 2 summits, and Camp NaNoWriMo, but I love writing projects).

I decided that each day will be a theme related to writing or books.

Today’s is 100 Writing Prompts, so here they are. Pick as many as you like and see what you come up with. There are different genres here.

Can’t find one?

Prompt number 100 is create your own prompt!

Good luck!

  1. Your best friend has a dark secret and you have to find out what it is. What do you do?
  2. Your puppy has just turned a year old, how do you celebrate his or her birthday?
  3. You go to the doctor’s for a routine appointment but they find something shocking. Write about your experience.
  4. You never thought you would be able to have children, but you are pregnant. Describe the moment
  5. A much-longed for vacation goes wrong
  6. You are about to buy your first house
  7. Your parents have just been told that you, their baby son or daughter, has a disability. Describe the moment.
  8. A haunted house is at the end of your street and you want to go in, but something doesn’t want you to…
  9. You had a sister who passed away and she wants to contact you
  10. You are a dog walker and the dog goes missing in the woods
  11. You are going to have your first sleepover at a friend’s house.
  12. You find a magical book in the library. What do you do?
  13. You have to make your best friend’s birthday cake
  14. You have just moved house and all seems well, until you discover a ghost in the cellar/ basement
  15. Describe your first kiss
  16. Describe your dream vacation
  17. Describe your identical twin sister
  18. Describe your pet
  19. Your favourite season and why
  20. A spring day
  21. A summer day
  22. A summer’s evening
  23. Autumn/ Fall
  24. A winter’s day
  25. A snowball fight
  26. A Christmas scene
  27. Hanukah
  28. Going to church or your place of worship
  29. Easter
  30. Your birthday
  31. Your bilingual family
  32. A long-lost cousin/aunt
  33. Engagement ring
  34. Wedding ring
  35. Wedding reception
  36. Honeymoon
  37. Flower bouquet
  38. The perfect date
  39. Disaster date
  40. Movie retelling
  41. Fairytale retelling
  42. Cinderella
  43. Prince Charming
  44. The Evil Witch
  45. Sleeping Beauty
  46. Snow White
  47. A fairytale of your choice
  48. Bad Villain
  49. Unexpected Hero
  50. Unexpected Heroine
  51. Good fairy, witch or other character
  52. Tall dark and handsome
  53. Standout looks
  54. Beauty contest
  55. Makeup
  56. Lipstick
  57. Fashion Show
  58. Heels
  59. Cowboy boots
  60. Favourite shoes
  61. Best Outfit
  62. Favourite jeans
  63. Vampire romance
  64. Witch and wizard in love
  65. The Twilight Saga retelling
  66. Your favourite book
  67. Your favourite movie
  68. Retell your favourite book
  69. Retell your favourite movie
  70. Something you love
  71. Something you dislike
  72. Secret crush
  73. At the pool
  74. At the movies
  75. At the shopping centre/ mall
  76. Superhero
  77. Superheroine
  78. Sunrise
  79. Sunset
  80. A hobby of yours
  81. Getting back at someone
  82. Making Up
  83. Missing someone
  84. Pick a character from your favourite TV show and write a story from their point of view (as if you were them)
  85. Pick a character from your favourite movie and write a story from their point of view (as if you were them)
  86. A day in your town or city
  87. Your favourite place
  88. Baking cookies
  89. Ice cream
  90. Your brother or sister wants what you have in life
  91. Best friend or frenemy?
  92. Caring for someone in your household
  93. You have a son or daughter who has a disability but they are denied help. How do you fight for them?
  94. Unexpected circumstances
  95. A home in space
  96. A magical place
  97. A box has arrived for you. What’s inside?
  98. Happy memories
  99. Bad times
  100. Create your own prompt (any genre)

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