Hooverville by Kayla Joy @joyfulkayla @BoldwoodBooks @rararesources

About the Book:

Annaleise Winston can never seem to fit in with the Society Girls, the strict rules that govern them, or their selfish indulgence during the Great Depression. Behind closed doors, her publicly perfect new fiance, Frank Alexander, is violent and dismissive, but without his financial security, Annaleise and her mother will be on the streets with not a penny to their name.
When Annaleise finally has enough, she runs away and accidentally becomes stranded in a Hooverville, a lawless homeless encampment in Central Park, where she must keep her identity a secret if she wants to stay alive. But a kind shoe shiner named Thomas Kelley may get in the way of everything she thought she ever wanted. As their love for each other grows, the Great Depression worsens, and Frank will pay any price to bring back his bride.

Where to Buy:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hooverville-Kayla-Joy-ebook/dp/B08XS9XY4N/
US – https://www.amazon.com/Hooverville-Kayla-Joy-ebook/dp/B08XS9XY4N/

About the Author:

Kayla Joy is an author and artist living in the Pacific Northwest with her family and her many animals. At 20, she has already self published two books: Morbid Tales from Behind the Mirror (available on Amazon now) and Hooverville. You can follow her journey at kaylajoybooks.com.

Contact Kayla:

Website: kaylajoybooks.com

Instagram: @joyfulkayla

Facebook: Kayla Joy Author | Facebook

My Review:

***Contains a depiction of domestic violence***

Annaleise Winston is happily married, or so she thinks, to her husband Frank. When he turns abusive, she has to do something. She flees with her mother to a homeless camp in Central Park.

I was proud of her for taking that risk to find somewhere new. There, she meets Thomas. Will he be different?

The Great Depression is the historical period for this novel. I was really interested in it as soon as I got the blog tour invite because I love stories of women who fight against the odds.

The unusual title also made me curious to review the book.

Hooverville is a novel about how relationships can turn into what we don’t expect (either for better or worse) and it’s about fighting and survival against all odds.

I was rooting for Annaleise, and felt so glad she had her mother. Frank, Annaleise’s abusive husband, may have wealth, but she’s in danger with him. I was waiting for her to leave and the tension building up to that is good.

The atmosphere throughout the book is very well portrayed.

Hooverville is a novel about hope, taking risks and new beginnings too.

Sad and nerve-wracking in some parts and heartwarming in others, I really enjoyed Hooverville.

Thanks to Kayla Joy and Rachel’s Random Resources for my ARC in exchange for an honest and vountary review.

5 stars

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