Jenn Reinvented (The Sweet Water Circle #2) by Grayson Avery @GraysonAveryAuthor @graysonavery @rararesources

About the Book:

Jennifer Colby-Kittler is the boss. They even call her The Jenneral. But married life is hard, even when you call the shots. When the sizzle in her and husband Russ’ romance goes AWOL, Jenn calls in the big guns. They’re going to forge ahead and have a second child whether Russ likes it or not. The only problem is that Russ is leaning toward not.
When the Kittler’s new baby mission doesn’t go according to Jenn’s plan, the tension grows, and a mutiny in their marriage unfolds. Jenn’s sister (the lovable Kait from Project Kaitlyn, book one in the Sweet Water Circle series) and friends intervene, forcing her to explore her inner being by attending yoga classes hosted by a dreamy new instructor. Jenn reluctantly agrees, needing to learn to how to let go of control before a civil war leads to divorce. But when the guru falls for her (desperately wanting to also explore her inner being) and an old flame finds out that Jenn’s marriage is under attack and attempts to plant his flag, Jenn doesn’t know which path to choose.
Can Jenn learn to let go before her life spirals out of control? Should she save her marriage before it’s too late, start over with someone new, or go it alone?
With hysterical antics, witty and humorous dialogue, and a strong character arc, you’ll love the follow-up to Project Kaitlyn. Jenn Reinvented is the second book in the hilarious Sweet Water Circle series, exploring the relationships, life adventures, and personal growth of a small circle of friends, who you’re gonna want to hang out with, which is good, because their stories are ready to be told in the rest of the Sweet Water Circle series!

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About the Author:

Grayson Avery is the author of The Sweet Water Circle Series, a romantic comedy series that focuses on childhood friends in their 30’s and 40’s as they help each other navigate the stormy waters of dating, marriage, divorce, and a whole lot of inappropriate, naughty, and downright hysterical situations.

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My Review:

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I missed the chance to request a copy of Project Kaitlyn, the previous book in the Sweet Water Circle series and that’s one I still want to get a copy of since I have heard so much about it.

Jenn Reinvented focuses on Jenn and Russel’s relationship. Be warned, there is a lot of talk about sex in this book.

Jenn Reinvented is a lot of things. At times, the story is fast-paced at others it’s slow (particularly the beginning).

Overall, I’m not sure what I thought of the characters and I found the ending a little unrealistic.

I am glad for an introduction to this series though and I wish I had a copy of Project Kaitlyn to start the series off.

Grayson Avery’s writing style is what I wanted to experience too. It’s serious in parts, funny in others.

Thanks to Grayson Avery, Farcical Press and Rachel’s Random Resources for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

3.5 stars

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