My Experience of 2 Point Wheelchair Pelvic Positioning Belts

A pelvic belt is part of the wheelchair positioning I need because I have a rotated pelvis and semi-dislocated hips as well as scoliosis (a curve in my spine) , kyphosis (slumped posture) and lordosis (a larger inward spinal curve at the lumbar spine).

A 2 point belt attaches to a wheelchair like a standard seatbelt, in two places and a 4 point one attaches in four.

I require a belt that can be tightened on both sides of my hips and pelvis so each side is supported but it has to be done by someone as I don’t have the hand strength, coordination or dexterity to do so myself. There are padded and unpadded belts and I have tried both but I prefer padded for comfort.

Even when the belt is tightened, my lower body slides underneath it and I slip forward easily. The belt also moves upwards, changing its position and therefore the support it gives me. It feels almost like I have no support from the belt when my body slips which is complicated by my trunk and head control so I can move involuntarily and it has been especially worrying at times when going over uneven ground or having my wheelchair moved in an unexpected direction (not at speed) has made me slip so badly that, were it not for the belt, the force with which my wheelchair wheels hit the uneven ground would have made me fall out of my wheelchair.

After my negative experience with these kind of belts, I am going to try a 4 point belt which has 2 extra pieces of material to keep the belt from moving around and to help me feel safer. 4 point belts are meant to help better with hypertonia (high muscle tone) as well as spasticity which is what I have, although my tone can vary due to my involuntary movements and especially if I am tired.

I’m looking forward to getting a new kind of belt and hope it helps better than a 2 point one.

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