Marriage Diary: One Month To Go Until Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Today, the first thing my husband Alfredo said when I woke up was “today’s a special day.” He was right. Today, is a big milestone, it’s one month to go until we have been married for three years.

The time has gone so quickly. Today, we enjoyed each other’s company, watched some TV (Friends as I am still addicted to that after I saw my first episode as a teenager).

We also like Bitter Land, a Turkish soap opera. We watched that. We had some wine later on in the day.

I’ll have some more book posts on my blog next week and am drafting my post for the letter “D” in my Disability A-Z blog post series. I have listened to 22 books so far for my Goodreads Challenge 2022 out of a total of 50 and finished a three day writing challenge which I will review.

This month is Occupational Therapy Month and I’m drafting my story for a competition.

This time next month, it really will be a big day: our third wedding anniversary. For now, I’m counting down the days to that.

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