My Second PCR Test Experience

Today, I had a second PCR test. I didn’t have to wait very long until it was my turn, and this time it was a little uncomfortable during the test, but not as much as last time. It didn’t make my eyes tear up and the nurse did not have to move my head, so I had no discomfort in my head and neck, which is important because I often get pain there because of my difficulties with head control.

The nurse checked my name and then said “don’t scrunch your eyes, and just think this will be a few seconds of discomfort.” I didn’t scrunch my eyes which I was glad about. This is something I find hard to do anyway, and it happened involuntarily last time. I was expecting involuntary movements to happen. Some did afterwards and hours later but luckily not during the test.

Something nice is that after I told the nurse it was my second test, she said I had done really well. So it was nice to hear that and she was kind. She was older than the previous nurse, and obviously had more experience of giving a PCR test, as I am feeling a lot better now than I did after the first

I felt a slight stinging in my right nostril afterwards which intensified a little as time went by and am still feeling this as I dictate this blog post, but it’s hardly noticeable compared to the effects of the first one, which I’m glad about.

We went to the supermarket afterwards and I bought a few things I’ll tell you about in Sunday’s Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic post.

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