Marriage Diary: Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Last night at midnight, my gift was a kiss and a “happy anniversary” from my husband. Today, our minds have been going back to three years ago. Here’s my post from then:

last year, I wished that this year we didn’t have to celebrate another anniversary in the pandemic.

That’s too much to hope for, but I hope that someday it comes true.

Today, we celebrated with Peruvian takeout and some champagne.

Traditionally the wedding gift for three years is leather. The modern one is crystal. We have some crystal goblets we were given as a wedding gift. Earlier this year, I was talking about this and we said I already have something that is leather: new armrest and legrest covers for my powered wheelchair.

Our gift to eachother was some chocolate, because it’s not what you share, but who you share it with. Life has been keeping us busy recently and have enjoyed our special day.

Thank you to the people who thought of us and sent ecards and wishes.

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