Want to Know the Best Nail Polish Colors for Autumn?

I absolutely love nail varnish and I have so many different colours. I think I must have over 50. I have a shade for every season and every mood I’m in. I have shades that compliment every outfit.

I often pick shades that are related to the seasons and today found an article https://www.realsimple.com/dark-color-nails-6744920?hid=b3c67b1fe86e14443b610332b48aca51bb21d615&did=853763-20221010&utm_campaign=glow_newsletter&utm_source=instyle.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=101022&cid=853763&mid=99174974261&lctg=203731026

about the on-trend shades for autumn. I wondered if I needed to get any new nail varnishes but it turns out that my that I already have them in my collection.

The ones I have are Oxblood, Hunter Green, Grey , Chocolate and Emerald Green. Many are from Sephora. The Oxblood colour is shade 226 (Rouge Noir) from Kiko’s old collection of nail polishes (released around 2016 or before).

The Sephora shades I have are not stocked anymore since they were on sale, and I’ve had them for some time. The number has faded off the nail varnish bottle. I remember the grey one is called 5th Avenue.

I didn’t even realise these were really good colours for autumn when I bought them. I did so because I liked the colours and wanted them in my collection.

From this article, the colour that I would most like to get is dark brown with flex of gold. from this post the colour that I would most like to get is dark brown with flecks of gold. I already have a dark purple colour but it has flecks of fuchsia in it. It’s a really cool colour and it’s from Revlon.

I’m really happy I already have many autumn shades of nail polish, and this means I have a lot to chose from. I’ve heard a really big colour is chrome right now. I don’t have that but I’d like to buy that shade.

Do you like the nail colour choices for autumn? What’s your best pick and brand? Comment below. Brands I like are Sephora Collection, Kiko, Revlon and Maybelline.

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