Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: My Products From Nature’s Best and Vit C Toiletry Ranges

If you’ve seen either my post for the Cien Professional Macadamia Oil Hair Care range, the post for Cien Coconut Face Scrub or the Banana Conditioner and Banana Hair Mask, you’ll know that I like haircare with natural ingredients.

This week at the supermarket, I found the Nature’s Best skincare and haircare range in Lidl. This has been sold before, but I’ve never bought anything from it.

There’s shampoo, conditioner hair mask hair repair cream and hair spray, and there are four ranges, each with one different ingredient: Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Avocado, Almond Oil.

I bought the Macadamia Nut Oil Hair Repair Cream and the Coconut Spray. All products cost 2.99€ and I got the second product for 1.50€.

There was another range, Vit C, which had a Byphasic Makeup Remover, face serum, day cream, night cream a tissue face mask and a face serum.

I bought one bottle of the Byphasic Makeup Remover and it cost 2.99€. I’ve never tried this product before.

I’m looking forward to these products and of course reviewing them too.

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