AutoCrit Write Fright Writing Challenge

At the end of September, I started feeling like I wanted another writing challenge. Luckily, a message from AutoCrit appeared in my inbox. They were going to hold a horror-based challenge called Write Fright. I’ve taken part in so many of their challenges, but Write Fright is new.

I signed up without thinking about it as there were a few days left to do so.

Soon, I got emails with the rules:

No ghosts

No mythical animals

No blood

No zombies

The challenge started on the 4th of October. I decided to make my story about witches. I had the whole first draft dictated by the 5th of October and I had VoiceOver on my iPad read it out to me. I tweaked a few things before submitting on the 9th.

I enjoyed the challenge and hope it happens every year. It really encouraged me to think outside the box which is what AutoCrit wanted us to do.

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