SelfPubCon 2022: Reaching More Readers Conference Review

The Self Publishing Advice Conference, or Self Pub Con as it’s known, is an important event in my year.

I’ve taken part in many free online events, and since I don’t have a notetaker like I did at school and university, I always experience some anxiety as to how I’m going to get through so many classes.

Thanks as always to the email support staff who explained things well and helped answer my questions for this session.

The event started off at 10AM UK time on Saturday 29th November 2022 with an opening session with none other than Orna Ross. Orna immediately transmitted enthusiasm and always does.

There were many sessions to choose from on many aspects of writing craft, from book creation to translation to promtion and much much more. I already use TweetDeck, and it works well with dictation, so it was quick and easy to tweet my thoughts and experiences at different points. Check out my tweets at @theglitzqueen. The official hashtag for the event is #SelfPubCon22.

I saw the session immediately after the opening, Fireside Chat: Author Collaboration and the Reader Journey with Nick Stephenson and Orna Ross, and that was great.

I have my blog, but I someday want to create an author website . I have always asked myself how I can create a great one. The Websites that Reach Readers with Pauline Wiles was helpful.

The class that I was really wanting to see was the Emotionally Reach Readers, hosted by none other than Jeff Elkins, aka The Dialogue Doctor. I took part in a course he did in the past and love the concept of the Dialogue Daisy. Jeff’s enthusiasm is contagious.

I was keen to watch the First Line Awards and Prizes with Kobo since I’d submitted my first line. No luck with getting my first line chosen in this contest yet, but I’ll keep trying.

I was really looking forward to Connecting with Readers and Driving Sales on Amazon KDP with arren Hardy and Michaella Parkes. This was another excellent class.

Inclusion in writing is something I always advocate for, and all of my drafts have people with my disabilities or other disabilities in them. I’m familiar with Sacha Black’s name as I took part in the Rebel Diaries Anthology competition, so I had to watch Inclusive writing with Sacha Black, Alex Kapitan, Crystal Swain Bates and Eliana West.

I am keen to get my books translated, so saw that class too. Reach More Readers By Having Your Books Translated with Clare Flynn and Joseph Alexander.

All in all, in the first day I watched seven videos around what my husband and I had to do during the day.

The event’s over, but people with a 3 day free pass like me can access the classes until tomorrow, Monday 31st October, at 12 midnight UK time (GMT).

Today, I enjoyed Reaching More Readers with your Short Fiction with Matty Dalrymple and Mark Leslie Lefebvre.

The classes I am hoping to catch up on are in this list and I’m hoping to make my way slowly through all these (although there are even more). Whether I do or not, I have had a brilliant time and cannot wait for SelfPubCon 2023 (by which time I hope to have a book published…..or sooner….who knows?)

Social Media
Creative Book Marketing
4 types of digital readers


Author Associations

Easy reader tools
Direct reader connection

Book Design

I’d love to take part next year, too, and all the years I can. I highly recommend the event.

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