Black Friday 2022

Today’s Black Friday, a day that I look forward to every year. I haven’t been to the shops on Black Friday since 2016 when the night was especially wet and very cold. Even so, my desire to find a bargain won. I knew exactly what I wanted.

Today was a day of errands and so I didn’t get to check the offers out until the evening.

With Black Friday, I always go to the items I’ve been coveting, and this year, they are (by store/website):


Glossed Vinyl Lip Gloss :I am undecided about the shade to pick for this one. I don’t usually buy lip gloss much, as some can be sticky and drying and have a horrible aftertaste. I do have some glosses I love: Kiko 3D Hydra Gloss which is still sold and I Heart Makeup chocolate glosses, which unfortunately aren’t sold anymore.

I was bought a Wet Look lip kit from Primark recently, and that has a gloss crayon and a regular lip gloss.

Colorful Eyeshadow in Ultraviolet (lilac mixed with pink). I am a fan of this range of eyeshadows and have so many in all the types of finish. The unfortunate thing about the range is that every now and then the colours seem to have a complete overhaul and so you can’t always find the same shades year on year. This is not great, but on the other hand it means there are lots of new shades, too.

Sephora Collection Lip Stories Lipstick: I always check tthe stock of these without fail. For a long time,the Sephora site has been showing only 2 shades in stock: Brunch Date, a shade I already have, and Tan Lines, a shade which I don’t have. However, for Black Friday, shades that were out of stock for a long time were back on the website, but shown as being out of stock. Shades include: Yum Yum, Palm Street, Spiked and It’s Electric, all of which I want. I don’t think this is a good tactic, as I didn’t even find these shades in the physical store on my last visit. The only ones I found were lots of lipsticks in the shade Labyrinth City, a shade I already have,as well as the odd one or two in Buzz Me, No Cell Service, and some others.

Sephora Collection Sun Pocket Palette

Urban Decay Half Baked Mini Palette. I have the shades Sin and Foxy already as single eyeshadows, and I love Sin, a mid-pink colour, but I don’t like Foxy, which is a creamy white that does not even show up on my skin. and it’s chalky. This is a shade in my Naked Basics mini palette which I bought years ago. The shade I do love from there is Walk of Shame (abbreviated to WOS in that palette) which is a warm mid-toned nude.

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Lipstick: I have been wanting this for so long and it’s on sale right now. I was praying for a sale on these lipsticks, but I still think 20 euros is expensive for a lipstick. That said, you do save 6.99 on the original price.

BUT, eyeshadows and lipsticks are my favourite makeup items, and I have so many I don’t have space in my makeup drawers. I have great cheaper dupes of the Power Bullet lipsticks by W7 in the shades Exposed (a mid-toned nude) and Modest (a dupe of Huda’s shade Wedding Day).


I have been wanting the large version of the Wild West eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay, and I have been witness to how it has been hovering between first 32 then 37 then 39 and today we are back at 37 euros. Quite a good discount for a palette whose top price is 55 euros.

Maybelline is a long-term favourite brand of mine since I was a teenager. I like the Color Tattoo eyeshadows. I had one in the shade Vintage Plum and have the shade Charcoal. I like the shades Pink Gold and On and On Bronze , so they’ll be the next ones I buy when I need more. They cost 5.24 euros down from 6.99.

I haven’t bought clothes for awhile, and love clothes just as much as makeup.

KIKO: This store always has a great Buy 3 get 3 free offer. I first found out about this offer in 2016, when it was only on Black Friday, but now it’s before Black Friday as well as on the day, with discounts instore and online. This year, I decided to forgo the offer, since everything I like from Kiko has gone up in price, with the exception being the Glitter Shower eyeshadow, which is still 8.99. I still have this eyeshadow and many others from Kiko. I always recommend the Water Eyeshadow (9.99, up 1 euro from the original price) and the High Pigment Eyeshadow (3.99) which I have.

The Wet and Dry Powder Foundation is a favourite of mine, but it now costs 16 euros, which I think is expensive even for this product. I plan to wait to find out if it ever comes down in price.

MANGO: There are so many clothes I like that I feel spoilt for choice. I would like to buy something from here.

PRIMARK: From the website, I like the look of a sequin-covered makeup bag as well as some fake fur-covered ones and some fake leather trousers/pants.Maybe some jewelry. I need to go to the store again as want to see things in person.

I am thinking of treating myself to something. Have you bought yourself anything this Black Friday?

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