Disability A-Z: I is for Intracranial Pressure, Intracranial Pressure Monitor, Involuntary Movements Intelligence Ignorance and Imagination

I was a letter I was thinking about a lot, and one for which I was wondering what themes to pick. I knew there was going to be some repitition in this ost, but where awareness and knowledge is concerned, repitition is a good thing.

In my H post, I talked about my hydrocephalus and how hydrocephalus is an increase in brain pressure. Apart from my shunt, I have also had an intracranial pressure monitor. This is a small monitor which is implanted in the skull to check for raised pressure. It was suggested for me after I was getting frequent and severe headaches despite my shunt. The monitor meant I had to have yet another surgery and it has left me without part of my skull. I’ll talk more about that in my S post.

Cerebral Palsy has caused lots of things in my body and one of those is involuntary movements. My feet will move involuntarily on my wheelchair footrests and I have hand tremors (more about those in my T post). Any part of my body can move involuntarily, and I can hurt myself. My eyes move constantly in an involuntary way because of nystagmus (more about that in my N post).

I have met people who question my intelligrnce and start talking to me slowly or as if I’m a baby or who will talk to the person next to me instead of me. I do my best to get them to listen to me, but sometimes they don’t. I feel it’s their problem if they don’t want me to. Ignorance is something I really don’t like. If you’ve been reading this A-Z or my blog so far, you’ll know that I always aim to reduce the amount of ignorance there is around people’s knowledge of CP, Hydrocephalus visual impairments and other disabilities.

Ignorance, and saying people are ignorant about something, is not meant as an insult, but rather as an opportunity for the person to become more aware and accepting of those of us with disabilities.

One thing that has helped me in life is my imagination. From an early age, I felt I was a dreamer and had a good imagination. I used this when I tried to meet and get along with people, to defend myself from bullies, and to try to solve problems in life. I used it with schoolwork and university assignments and later with novel and short story drafts. I still have to use it a lot. I’m proud of my good imagination as it makes life interesting and can help when there’s an extra challenge in the way, which there often is, not just because of my disabilities but with life in general. Improving my ability to use my imagination in the way I think is right no matter what anyone says is how I overcame my problems with self confidence. More about my journey with those in my S post.

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