Lovely Makeup Cinnamon Chocolate and Gingerbread Lip Scrub Cans

These come in two versions: Cinnamon Chocolate and Gingerbread.

Cinnamon Chocolate

The first one I tried was the Cinnamon Chocolate one. The packaging is a tin with a green and white design and a twist-off lid. The smell is authentic. The lip scrub grains are very small and soft but do a good job at gently exfoliating the lips. The formula contains shea butter and vitamin E some ingredients I know are great moisturisers.

My lips felt comfortable afterwards and not irriatated at all.


The gingerbread one smelled exactly the same as the gingerbread I bought last Christmas. It’s full of spices like cinnamon and cloves and is very gingery. This was an authentic gingerbread smell. It also reminds me of a mulled wine smell as it smells of the same spices. So it’s very festive and christmassy.

I have the same to say about this product because it is exactly the same as the chocolate cinnamon one in terms of texture and consistency. It’s just as moisturising and does not irritate my lips at all. I did feel that, in terms of the smell, I preferred the Chocolate Cinnamon one as it was slightly less strong.

The good thing about these is that they don’t leave an aftertaste in spite of the fragrance like some other lip products would. Some people say they have a touch of glitter, but that’s impossible for me to percieve with my eyesight. The good thing is that the glitter is not chunky or scratchy like in some products, and blends into the formula so well I didn’t notice it. This makes the products even more comfortable and a pleasure to use.

Each scrub cost 2.50€ when I bought them, although the price went down to 1.99€ now and then. The usual price is 3.99€.

I think the price I paid is good, and I think they will go a long way given the consistency of the product and the fact you don’t need to use a lot of it.

Although I bought this for myself, I think they make great Christmas gifts or stocking fillers.

The good thing is that each tin comes with a safety seal and the tins are decorative in their own right and can be used for other products (like maybe a lip gloss or the remainder of a lipstick, or even a face cream). when the scrub is finished.

I’ll be keeping my tins because part of the appeal of the products is the packaging, which is good quality in itself. I can’t resist cute packaging.

I think the scrub and the packaging compliment each other well, and a lot of thought has gone into these lip scrubs.

If you’re looking for a great qualiry lip scrub for a good price, get these.

I’ve tried other lip scrubs like The Body Shops’s Lip Scuff or Barry M’s Apple Lip Scrub and I much prefer these over those. They are cheaper (half the price of the Barry M scrub and I could get three of the Lovely Makeup Lip Scrub cans for less than the price of one Body Shop Lip Scuff). The best thing is, with thedse lip scrub cans, you don’t lose or waste product on application like you do with the Lip Scuff or the Barry M scrub.

If you’re curious about how the cost of Barry M Lip Scrub compares to the Lovely Makeup Lip Scrub Cans, the Barry M scrub costs £5 and the Body Shop Lip Scuff (which was once my favourite, go-to scrub) costs £8.

I’d gladly swap those two products for the Lovely Makeup Lip Scrub cans, and I’m glad I have.

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