It Gets Easier!….And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers by Claudine Wolk

About the Book:

Featuring interviews with hundreds of moms and candid stories from author Claudine Wolk’s own experiences as a mother, It Gets Easier! . . . and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers employs a healthy mix of humor, honesty, and insider strategies to give new and expecting moms a “leg up” on the challenging task of first-time motherhood. This fun, frank, and prescriptive guide strives to make motherhood easier by addressing issues such as: “The Talk” you need to have with your husband before you give birth; what you really need to know about labor and delivery; the importance of a baby schedule (no matter what anyone else says); the 6 Baby Commandments that can foster good eating and sleeping habits; 5 new mom mantras that will help keep you sane; body image after giving birth; and how to keep housework to a minimum. Complete with resources for further exploration and a helpful glossary, this funny, irreverent book will help eaase every new mothers’ frustrations by reminding them that they are not alone and providing tangible, easy-to-follow tips for parenting success. (less)

I’m not a mum yet, but would someday like to be. I was looking forward to this and I liked the variety of topics around parenting it covered. I liked the writing style but it was sometimes a little patronizing.

Thanks to Claudine Wolk and Women on Writing for my eARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

3 stars.

Where to Buy:

Guest Post: ” The Eight Lies We Tell New Mothers”

Being a new mom is like stepping into a whole new world. Perhaps falling backward into Wonderland like Alice is a better description.  As with any new undertaking, a few months into new motherhood can reveal the “dirty little secrets” that all new moms know but don’t always talk about.  Here are eight lies that we tell new mothers.

  1. “It Gets Easier!” How many have mothers have uttered these three words?  Motherhood certainly doesn’t get easier on its own.  New challenges replace old challenges, but there are some things you can do, now, to make motherhood a bit easier.
  1. All moms love new motherhood. Does this sound familiar?  You have finally been introduced to the baby that you have carried for nine months. All should be bliss, right?  Wrong.  Truth is, many new moms are shocked at the physical and emotional demands of new motherhood.  They love their baby, of course, but new motherhood is anything but a pleasurable experience.   Finding out that moms are not alone in feeling a bit shell-shocked can go a long way toward enjoying motherhood.
  1. Some babies sleep through the night the moment they get home from the hospital. Ah no! This is a legend created to insure procreation.  The chance that your baby may be the “Wonka Golden Ticket” and sleep through the night on his first day of life but he doesn’t can be disappointing.
  1. Holding a baby can spoil a baby.  Not so.  Hold as much as you like.  The trick is to put the baby down drowsy, not completely asleep to help teach him how to get himself to sleep.
  1. Mom needs to be with her baby at all times. Not true! Finding a suitable replacement can be the first step toward being the best mom you can be.  Every new mom needs a break from baby or she will overload and burn-out.
  1. Only a relative is a suitable caregiver.  No way.  The best babysitters are the one you are not related to.  Sometimes a mom needs to escape without having to explain to a family member that she is checking out the latest hot yoga class in town.
  1. Breastfeeding is easy.  Breast feeding may be natural but it is not easy for many new moms.  It is, as they say, a learned skill that requires practice and instruction.  Watching another nursing mom can be a great way to learn this skill.  (Just make sure you know her, gawking after a breastfeeding stranger could be a bit creepy.)
  1. Husbands don’t mind if your sex life takes months and months to resume. LOL. Although spouses are certainly understanding in this department, make no mistake, your partner is anxious to get back in the saddle (don’t be surprised if you want to get back in the saddle, too).  Make sure you talk about it and make a plan to “do it” when your doctor says it’s ok.

Claudine Wolk is the author of It Gets Easier! and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers, just released as an audiobook! You can find her at

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