Blinded Me with Science by Tara September @TaraSeptember @rararesources

About the Book:

Opposites attract like a magnet to steel, or in this case, Emerson to SteelEmerson Powers has been so focused on obtaining her science degree that she’s neglected the more social aspects of college life. With the new start of her junior year, she’s determined to fix that with a real hands-on lesson in biology. The assignment is simple enough—teach the rock star’s son how to be good, while he shows her how to be very bad. Two objectives, one outcome … will the lesson be love or heartbreak?Steel is no longer the bad boy Emerson knew from prep school, and he’s set to prove it by helping Emerson complete her secret list of desired college experiences. And if he can convince her that they are meant to be together along the way, even better!While teaming up on experiments, both in and out of the classroom, Emerson discovers a new side to Steel. Leaving her to question everything she thought she knew. Still, is it enough to forgive the past or just mere chemistry?

Fueled by an IV of green tea and Prosecco, Tara September is a multi-award-winning contemporary romance author of bestselling sassy & steamy love stories filled with banter. Based in Southwest Florida, Tara holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University, a B.A. from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, as well as attended college courses at Queen’s College in London, U.K. She is also the proud mom to identical twin 10-year-old boys and three cats.
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My Review:

I liked the sound of this synopsis. It’s a long time since I requested a YA book, but I was doubly interested as it was an audiobook. And it was the first book I had listened to via Spotify. I enjoyed the experience.

The boy meets girl again he once knew. groupwork assignment and will-they-won’t-they find a connection that’s down to more than schoolwork/coincidence between them is one I’ve found in books before, but there are things that set Blinded Me With Science apart from other books with these themes.

I identified with the uncomfortable feeling of having to work with another student, and think so many people will, too.

Emmerson is a great character. She’s focused and caring. Steel is kind of a know it all at times, and sometimes I felt irritated by him. I was really wanting to know if they’d get on or not.

The narrator was absolutely outstanding.

Blinded Me With Science is a quick listen and the romance and internal thoughts for both characters get very hot at times. We see them being confident, vulnerable, lusting after each other then in conflict and then doubting what they feel…it’s a real emotional rollercoaster and the quick pacing with carefully chosen words and excellently placed visual details here and there makes for a great YA romance.

I didn’t know it was book 2 in the series, but it reads like a standalone. I am eager to find the other books in the series. I didn’t feel like I was missing things as sometimes happens with other series where I don’t start off with book 1.

Thanks to Tara September, and Rachel’s Random Resources for my eARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

4 stars

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