Unhackable Soul by Maureen Sharphouse

About the Author:

Maureen Sharphouse lives with her husband, Peter, their dog, Jackson, and their Birman cat, Phoebe, in the village of Milnathort, Kinross-shire, Scotland. She is a life and mindset coach, mentor, NLP Master Practitioner, writer, and speaker. Maureen’s passion is to inspire and help individuals live a unique legacy they are proud of. Her mission is to help people discover who they are beyond their physical body, live their best lives, and restore and unleash their soul’s fire and passion. Maureen’s vibrant enthusiasm for life is evident despite living with severe daily pain and complex ongoing health challenges. She is a lover of morning sunrises, good coffee, fresh flowers in her home, and spending time with her much-loved family and grandchildren.

You can connect with Maureen at MaureenSharphouse.com.

Sign up for the 30-Day Unhackable Soul Course here: unhackablesouluniversity.com

About the Book:

Fed up with pain and illness dictating your life?
Choose to rise up.

Living with chronic pain is far from easy. Left unchecked, it erodes your spirit and keeps you living in the dark. It can influence what you believe about yourself and even hack your soul–if you let it.

Author Maureen Sharphouse knows the challenges of living with pain first-hand. She has endured more than three decades of debilitating physical health challenges, including the incurable neurological illness known as “the suicide disease.” Yet, in the midst of her daily pain, she lives with passion, joy, and enthusiasm for life.

In thirty daily missions. Unhackable Soul reveals how you can feel vibrantly alive despite chronic pain. Discover how to
rise up from a life dictated by pain and illness to one fuelled by enthusiasm and purpose.
feel alive and experience greater joy, peace, and comfort.
wake up every day eager to embrace life despite your challenges.
Live well. Reignite your light. It’s time to become Unhackable.

My Review:

I was really excited when Maureen Sharphouse sent me an Audible audiobook of her memoir, Unhackable Soul. I think the title is very apt, as Maureen is unhackable in my opinion.

In her memoir, she discusses how she got her diagnoses of MS and then Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The importance of family support is present throughout the book, and the fact Maureen narrates it makes Unhackable Soul even more powerful.

Maureem has experienced dark moments, lonliness, uncertainty and more. I, too have felt, and sometimes still feel these things.

I identified with her in these moments although I have Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus and not the same conditions as she does. Because often living with disabilities is a constant uphill fight, yet that fight is also very personal.

Maureen is a wonderful person and someone I am proud to know, even if it’s through phonecalls and emails. She’s someone who makes me feel immediately at ease, and her naturally soothing voice is perfect for this audiobook. The pacing is unhurried but with great attention to detail, and I can tell that awareness of her conditions is important to Maureen, as are family, friends and the times she is in places that are special to her.

Unhackable Soul has so many life lessons, and listening to it is like having Maureen in the room with you. It’s like a friendly chat from a caring and empathic friend.

I wonder if one day I’ll meet Maureen? I hope so.

Thanks to Maureen Sharphouse and Unhackable Press for my Audible Audiobook in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

5 stars. I’d give it more if I could. Unhackable Soul is unforgetteble, just like Maureen herself.

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