Disability A-Z: P is for Pain and Pain Management 

Pain, it’s something many people live with, and yet it’s very personal.

I’m one of those people who has lived with some type of pain all their life, be it muscle spasms, headaches or pain from fatigue or strange pulsating and crawling sensations on my scalp and a feeling of pressure, as if fingers are pressing on my scalp.

The worst type of pain I have had was from headaches related to hydrocephalus. My shunts control my hydrocephalus, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had problems with them.

One of my main symptoms was headaches. They were intense and made me cry. I was also lethargic and would vomit.

Cerebral Palsy makes me feel like my muscles are in a vice. Muscle spasms feel like strong cramps and can keep me awake at night. They are painful and I take a muscle relaxant called Baclofen. My spinal deformities cause pain in the form of back and neck pain and my foot deformities do too. The pain I have in my feet is in my ankles and foot arches because I have spasticity (muscles that are overly stiff) as well as weak muscles.

Often, my muscles throb and I have pain then.

For the days when I have more pain, I take Tramadol. When I am tired and in pain, my thinking will be impaired and I will have a hard time communicating, to the paoint of being unable to.

We have an infrared heat lamp which makes me relax so much I’ll fall asleep. Being cold causes more spasms and pain and I use a hot water bottle in bed every night in the winter.

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