Blog Tour: This is Me by Shari Low

About the Author: 


Shari Low is the No1 best-selling author of over 20 novels, including One Day In December, A Life Without You, The Story Of Our Life, With Or Without You and her latest release, Another Day In Winter. And because she likes to over-share toe-curling moments and hapless disasters, she is also the shameless mother behind a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. Once upon a time she met a guy, got engaged after a week, and twenty-something years later she lives near Glasgow with her husband, a labradoodle, and two teenagers who think she’s fairly embarrassing except when they need a lift. For all the latest news, visit her on Facebook, twitter, or at

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This is… Denise.

Married to Ray, her first and only love, Denise has never for one moment regretted putting the husband she idolised on a pedestal above everyone and everything else. But, after forty years of marriage, he is gone, leaving Denise to discover that their perfect marriage was fatally flawed. Now she faces a future alone, but first she must face the betrayals of the past.
This is… Claire.

The estranged daughter of Denise, the woman who put her husband before her children, Claire took the opposite path and devoted her life to raising her family, sacrificing her marriage along the way. With her teenage sons about to flee the nest, she realises she may have left it too late to find her own happy ever after.
This is the story of two women, both alone, both cautionary tales of one of motherhood’s biggest decisions.
Who is more important, your partner or your children? And what happens if you make the wrong choice?


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My Review: 

Wow, just wow! I was blown away by This is Me. 
Shari Low’s latest novel focuses on Denise and Claire, a mother and daughter both experiencing the loss of Ray, Denise’s husband and Claire’s father. He was everything to Denise and was often first for her in every situation. 
For Claire, he was much less important and her task was looking after herself and raising her two boys. Now teens, they are going off to uni soon. How will she cope without them? 
Things are fraught to say the least between her and her mum, but when one man provided the link that made you family, who do you turn to? How will each woman cope with the loss of Ray? Will they build bridges? 
This is Me was gripping, sad and fast paced and is an emotional rollercoaster. 
There are secrets, struggles and conflicts in what I think is a must-read/ listen. 5 stars. 
Thanks to Shari Low and Aria for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. I have reviewed many of Shari Low’s novels now and enjoyed them. I can’t wait for the next one!

Jeanna’s voice was barely audible over the noise of a loud sniff from her pal. ‘You definitely need to have sex. Or get your jaws clamped.’

Claire fired the wrapper at her. ‘And get a new friend,’ she retorted, holding her own. They both knew she didn’t mean it. This heady combination of brutal honesty, intolerance and underlying care was a very familiar dynamic. They’d been inseparable since high school, when Jeanna had lured her into the netball team with the promise that the football squad came to all their games and they’d find her irresistible. All Claire got was a new best friend who made her laugh, chafed thighs and a knock-back from the footie team’s star striker.

Over two decades later, their dynamic hadn’t changed much. Claire was the warm ying to Jeanna’s incredibly dry, frequently bitchy yang. Through the years, they’d survived everything that the world had thrown at them. Jeanna’s two divorces, followed by her enthusiastic embrace of the online dating scene. Health issues. Make ups. Break ups. A difference of opinion on almost every subject they’d ever discussed. Several career changes for Jeanna, until she had found her calling as a life coach – someone who lit fires under the buttocks of people who weren’t reaching their personal and career goals. Then there was Claire’s one failed marriage. The traumatic split at a time when she was at her most vulnerable. And her life as a single mother to two teenagers.

They’d weathered every storm together, triumphed over every crisis, right up to the point where one of them was sporting a disappointed duck face (Jeanna had overdone the fillers again) and the other was comfort eating retro, circle shaped chocolate biscuits.

Jeanna was still dwelling on Claire’s comment about getting a new best friend. ‘Good luck finding one as irresistible as me,’ she retorted, her Botoxed eyebrows trying their best to form an indignant arch.

‘You’re right. I’d miss the DEFCON level one bitchiness and judgement.’

Jeanna laughed, the pressure of pushing her cheeks outwards almost, but not quite, causing the abomination of a crow’s foot. ‘And my unlimited, but understated, adoration.’

Claire’s crows’ feet appeared as soon as she chuckled, ‘Yep, I’d be lost without that too.’

Her phone suddenly burst into life.

‘Oh thank G…’ she started, snatching it up, before her words drifted off and she was left open mouthed, just staring at the screen.

Jeanna leaned forward, curious. ‘Aren’t you going to answer it?’


‘Why not? Is this some maternal lesson you’re trying to teach him? Only, you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face there.’

‘It’s not Jordy.’ Claire’s words were low and could barely be heard over the repetitive ringtone.

‘Who is it?’

‘It’s my… my mother.’

Her mother. It had been many years since she’d seen that name flashing on the screen and even the thought of that woman made Claire’s throat tighten. It had been Claire’s choice to remove her mum from her life, but there had been no argument from the other side.

Her gaze returned to the phone for a few more seconds. Then Claire pressed the red button and rejected the call.

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Feature Post: Restorations by Charles Strickler Going from Reader to Writer 

About the Book: 

Released April 20, 2019 by Koehler Books

A fast-paced thriller that puts the pedal to the metal from page one, Restorations starts off with a bank robbery and a car chase, and the action doesn’t slow down there. The car in question is a 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Boattail Roadster and it’s almost 100 years past its prime when it resurfaces. Miles West, an investment banker who has veered off course after the death of his wife and parents, has no idea that the antique car he’s so enamored with may be the thing to give him a destination again.

Going from Reader to Writer by Charles Strickler: 

When I read stories that I really enjoy, I love the feeling of getting pulled into the story to the point I don’t want it to end, it’s sort of magical. Sometimes you read a story and you start to wonder what if … the neat thing about writing is that you get the chance to write those other what-if stories. So, I aspire to write stories that others will enjoy and find just as captivating.  
I have always enjoyed writing for fun, short stories, and thematic newsletters, but taking on a book was a big step. I spent a lot of time working on the book before I was ready to share it with others. I suppose I needed to prove to myself that I could pull together a solid engaging story. At the point I had one that I was comfortable sharing, I asked several people I respected to test read my novel. They labored through the unabridged version of Restorations, which was over 110,000 words in length! I will always be grateful for their assistance and support.
When you spend time writing, you definitely start looking at the things you read a little differently. As a reader, I enjoyed getting immersed in the story and didn’t spend much time thinking about the technical aspects of how it was crafted. However, as a writer I am much more attuned to things, like how the story is paced or the balance of dialogue versus description, as well as the authors voice. Writing a novel has also given me an even greater appreciation for some of my favorite books and authors. As I get the chance, I enjoy re-reading some of my favorite books with an eye for the things that really pulled me into the story. It’s a daunting task to identify some of those illusive elements and incorporate them seamlessly into your own stories. Restorations has undoubtably been influenced by the many books I have read over the years, as well as various life experiences.
About Charles Strickler:

Charles Strickler is a native Virginian. He graduated from Virginia Tech where he also met his future bride Mary. An entrepreneur with work experiences that range from the barnyard to the Board Room, Charles brings a unique perspective to his mysteries. Charles is an advocate for the fight against Polycystic Kidney Disease, a mystery he does not like. PKD is a genetic disease affecting 200,000 people per year. While there is no cure yet, the PKD Foundation continues to fund promising research to discover treatments that can slow the progression and eventually end this disease.


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Blog Tour: Review- Dutch Girl by Robert Matzen

image.pngI was drawn to this book because I wanted to know more about Audrey Hepburn. Known mostly for the movies she starred in, Dutch Girl takes a look at another, much more personal of Audrey’s life. I was very interested in the Foreword to this book which was written by Audrey’s oldest son. I felt that this automatically gave it a very personal touch and I was moved by the way he talked about his mother.

I thought Dutch Girl would be about Audrey’s roots and rise to stardom, but it is actually quite a humble story. Audrey and her family lived in Holland during World War II and she was a teenager at the time.

I knew nothing about her family, but here we learn that her mother was a great follower of Hitler and met him on more than one occasion. That made me feel uneasy but Audrey went for what she wanted in life and became a UNESCO ambassador and loved to help others. I was fascinated by the fact that she and Anne Frank were around the same age and was gripped by any part of the book mentioning diary entries, be that Audrey’s mother’s or Anne Frank’s.

I have had a special interest in Anne Frank ever since I read The Diary of Anne Frank in my German class at school. It was so interesting seeing how their lives intertwined and overlapped.

The level of detail in this biography is impressive and extensive. I was interested in Audrey and her family but at times I felt distracted and overwhelmed by the pace at which so many different people were introduced so much so that it was hard to keep track of the characters and the plot at times.

Dutch Girl is a book to be cherished and I think it is a very unique biography given it is about Audrey and her family outside of Audrey’s acting career. I would have loved to have discovered more bout that too and perhaps how the aspects of her past looked at in Dutch Girl shaped her decisions to become an actress and her experiences during her acting career.

However, I appreciate that the author wanted to show the world a different side of Audrey. The book is very heavy on historical facts and Nazi history yet is written in an accessible way. Overall, Dutch Girl is a good read for anyone interested in Audrey Hepburn. Having read it makes me want to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s again.

I love the cover of the book which I feel represents Audrey’s true sense of style. And the title is mysterious enough to have made me want to find out more about Audrey. I’m glad I got the chance to review it and post for the blog tour. I am going to recommend this book.

Thanks to Robert Matzen for such a unique biography and to Smith Publicity for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

4 stars.

Blog Tour: The  Last Dance by Aimee Brown


About the Book: 


Can you truly forgive and forget?


Ambri and Henry have been best friends forever. They’ve been through the highs and lows of life with each other by their sides. The worst? When Henry’s wife, and Ambri’s sister, died. Together, they can face it all. Until one night destroys everything.
Two years after he stepped out of it Henry walks back into Ambri’s life and she’s more than a little shocked. But as old friends fall into even older habits they need to decide whether they can forget the past and embrace their future.
Perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult and Anna Bell.
About the author


About the Author:

Aimee Brown is a writer of romantic comedies set in Portland, Oregon, and an avid reader. She spends much of her time writing, raising three teenagers, binge-watching shows on Netflix and obsessively cleaning and redecorating her house. She’s fluent in sarcasm and has been known to utter profanities like she’s competing for a medal. Aimee grew up in Oregon, but is now a transplant living in cold Montana with her husband of twenty years, three teenage children, and far too many pets. She is a lot older than she looks and yes, that is a tattoo across her chest. (In the Portlandia spirit, yes, I lived many years in PDX and I do indeed have a bird tattooed on me (2!)) Aimee is very active on social media. You can find her at any of the networks below. Stop by and say hello!

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Hi, Katherine! Thank you so much for having me on your site today. I’m so excited to chat at you and your readers. ❤

Where did the idea for the plot come from?

I knew I wanted to write a story with a grief/depression element because it’s such a huge emotion that so many people struggle with. Sadly, I’ve had a few friends who’ve lost their spouses over the last few years and so I really paid attention to their grief cycle over for quite awhile to get the right vibe for that side of the story. My characters seemed to drive the story from that point and somehow everything just kind of clicked towards the end. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of writer so I only had that overall idea of subplots when I started. Comedy for me is just a part of who I am so that part weaved its way in pretty easily. I’m really happy with how this story turned out and I miss these characters so much now that I’m not spending every day with them.

Who is your favourite character? Why?

Truthfully, my fav is Henry. I just adore everything about him. He’s not perfect, has made mistakes, but is trying desperately to better himself and follow his heart. He’s at the top of my own book boyfriend list for sure!

Who is your least favourite character? Why?

Choosing a least fav is like choosing a least fav kid! LOL But… my least favorite would have to be Jimmy and Trevor. There is always someone in a work environment that you’d rather not deal with on a daily basis and I think these two fit in those roles perfectly.

Which is your favourite scene in the book? Why?

The 80’s night scene for sure! I swoon every time I reread that scene. I just adore what Henry does for Ambri that night. It’s a huge character turning point for both of them and the beginning of their happily ever after.

What do you most like to do when you are not writing?

Lately, binge watch YouTube… my kids have me addicted to watching all kinds of videos. I never really understood the YouTube craze until recently.

I also am a totally crazy plant and cat lady, so I spend a lot of time admiring my green thumb and singing ridiculous made up songs to my cats. As well as cleaning, decorating my house, thrift shopping, reading, and discovering new songs to add to my playlists.

What’s the story behind why and how you became an author?

When I was about twenty-six I sat down one day while my older kids were in school and my youngest was napping and for some reason just starting writing. It turned into something I really enjoyed and got to where I daydreamed about what to write while I was a work. I took some creative writing classes, got some unexpected great feedback from my classmates and instructor and voila! An author was born. Of course, I didn’t actually publish my first book until I was thirty-nine but I knew I wanted to for a long time and spent years writing just for myself and running a book blog. I think writing is just a part of who I am.

What is your favourite movie? Why?

So many! My absolute favorite would have to be Sleepless in Seattle. I saw it in the theatre when it was released and fell in love with romantic comedies within the first ten minutes. I love that even though I’ve seen it a thousand times and know all the lines, I still swoon just like I did the first time I ever saw it.

Do you have a favourite book?

P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern. When I read that book, I had no idea a book could hold some much emotion within its pages. I loved that I ugly cried, swooned, and fell in love with the characters and I knew I wanted to be able to write like that.

Can you give me any advice to write romance themes into my own book?

One reason I love the romance genre is because everyone is looking for love. Sometimes we search for it and other times it happens when we least expect it. I say let your characters tell you what they want and if they’ve got chemistry, they’ll make it happen whether you want it to or not.

How about some advice for me to reach my dream of publishing?

Don’t give up! Keep writing, keep reading, and never feel like you’re not good enough. Not a single other soul can write the story the way you can. Your voice deserves to be heard. Be confident in your work and always strive to keep learning from those around you. You’ve got this!

Thanks so much, Aimee.

My Review: 

After having reviewed Aimee’s previous novel The Lucky Dress, which was titled Little Gray Dress in the USA, I jumped at the chance to review The Last Dance.

Ambri and Henry, people who have shared so much. One event shattered their world, the death of Ambri’s sister who was also Henry’s wife. Ambri and Henry tried to move on in life but have never forgotten each other.

A chance encounter sees them meeting again and there are so many raw feelings, hate hurt love and loss. I was moved by the title and synopsis of this book but even more so by the plot and subplots.
The writing flows so well and is flawless.

Aimee Brown has an amazing way of getting inside characters’ heads and making the most hidden of emotions come to the surface. The book is full of romance, the struggle to figure out what you really feel and is also so laced with sadness.

Aimee Brown has done it again and written a romance with dramatic undertones that had me hooked from the first word to the last.

Thanks to Aimee Brown and Aria for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review and I’m thrilled to have a spot on the blog tour for this title.

5 stars.


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Blog Tour: The Girl in the Pink Raincoat by Alrene Hughes

About the Book:

In wartime it takes courage to follow your heart.
Manchester, 1939.

Everyone hated the heat and the deafening noise, but for Gracie the worst thing was the smell of chemicals that turned her stomach every morning when she arrived at the Rosenberg Raincoats factory.

Gracie is a girl on the factory floor. Jacob is the boss’s charismatic nephew. When they fall in love, it seems as if the whole world is against them – especially Charlie Nuttall, who also works at the factory and has always wanted Gracie for himself.

But worse is to come when Jacob disappears and Gracie is devastated, vowing to find him. Can she solve the mystery of his whereabouts? Gracie will need all her strength and courage to find a happy ending.

About the Author:

Alrene Hughes grew up in Belfast and has lived in Manchester for most of her adult life. She worked for British Telecom and the BBC before training as an English teacher. After teaching for twenty years, she retired and now writes full-time.

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My Review:

Being a fashion addict, it was the eyecatching image of the pink raincoat that had me requesting a copy of this book, as well as the synopsis. I love any book about dramatic circumstances and overcoming the odds.

As soon as I started it, the book tugged at my heartstrings, I felt for Gracie as the description of where she worked unfolded, the harsh conditions of the raincoat factory, her resilience and determination despite the fact she hates her job and the shadow of impending war create an amazing atmosphere that is hard to resist.

The romance aspect is evident early on, and the way Gracie and Jacob are with each other is so lovely to read about. They are about to marry when tragedy strikes. My heart broke for them and I was thrust into a tale of love, loss resilience and what it really means to fight for your first love.

The Girl in the Pink Raincoat is am amazing debut that kept me wanting more and Alrene Hughes writes so pasionately and weaves the main plot with subplots expertly so the reader’s interest is always maintained. I was gripped by varying emotions over the duration of the novel, admiration for Gracie, sadness and worry and was rooting for her and Jacob to thrive despite the troubles and difficult circumstances they encountered.

Amazing attention to detail too.

Thanks to Head of Zeus and Alrene Hughes for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review as well as a slot for the blog tour for this title.

5 stars

Gracie awoke to the sound of crying, and it was a moment before she realised it was coming through the paper-thin walls of the house next door. Then she remembered it was Friday morning and still Doris had not come to terms with her children being evacuated. She lay for a while, watching a shaft of sunlight coming through the gap in the curtains, and when the crying was replaced by the squeals and laughter of excited children, she got up.

By the time the children were ready to walk to school, a crowd had gathered in the street to see them off. Gracie and Sarah stood next to Doris as she held back her tears, hugged her two little girls and told them to be good and to write every week. An older boy, John Harris, took charge and it was clear that the evacuees had been drilled for this moment. At his command they left their mothers and lined up like little soldiers, with their gas masks and belongings, each with a brown luggage label fastened to their coat. Gracie scanned their faces: some were filled with excitement, others apprehensive; and little Gladys Clark, with no mother to see her off, was sobbing her heart out.

John raised his hand and all eyes turned to him. ‘One … two … three!’ he shouted, and what happened next made the hair stand up on the back of Gracie’s neck – the children began to sing.

‘Farewell to Manchester we’re leaving today,

We need a safe place where we can stay,

Away from the bombs that fall on our heads,

Where we’ll sleep soundly and safe in our beds.’

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Blog Tour: Suddenly Single by Carol Wyer

Title: Suddenly Single


Author Name: Carol Wyer


Previous Books (if applicable): What Happens in France


Genre: Women’s Fiction


Release Date: 8th April 2019


Cover Image:

About the Book:
When bestselling romance author Chloe Piper’s marriage implodes a week before Christmas, she flees her cheating ex and the village gossips for the solitude of the newly built Sunny Meadow Farm and the company of her hapless dog, Ronnie.

But Chloe is soon pushed out of her comfort zone. Because with a lively development building crew – headed up by charming Alex – and a larger-than-life neighbour determined to make Chloe’s love life her pet project, Chloe finds herself in a whole new world of chaos…

This enthralling romantic comedy of self-discovery and new beginnings is perfect for fans of Kirsty Greenwood, Colleen Coleman and Marian Keyes.

My Review: 

Chloe is an author of hot romances based off real-life gossip from her husband’s trips to their local pub. She is also battling with chronic social anxiety disorder and panics about meeting people and meeting goals in life. Her friend Faith is really supportive and always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Chloe manages to move house after her relationship with William comes to an end and wonders how she’ll survive alone. 
Her new life has challenges in store, will she face them in an attempt to be stronger and happier? Accompanied by a whole host of characters and her faithful dog, she goes through life as best she can. She’s put to the test when a night drinking sees her joining The Singleton Club, where there will be all sorts of challenges, in life, and also maybe in love. 
But will she be brave enough to take life head on? 
Suddenly Single is my second eARC by Carol Wyer and one I enjoyed very much. I actually really identified with Chloe in that anxiety is hard, but am glad I have never had it so chronically as her. I felt Faith was a real help to her. All the characters are well developed and realistic as is the plot. There’s a lot to be learned from Chloe’s story and hopefully it will go some way to raising awareness of anxiety issues. 
Thanks to Carol Wyer and Canelo for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review as well as my place on the blog tour for this title. Bring on the next Carol Wyer book! 
5 huge stars.

Where to Buy:
Amazon (UK)

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About the Author: 
As a child Carol Wyer was always moving, and relied on humour to fit in at new schools. A funny short story won her popularity, planting the seed of becoming a writer. Her career spans dry cleaning, running a language teaching company, and boxercise coaching. Now writing full-time, Carol has several books published and journalism in many magazines.

Carol won The People’s Book Prize Award for non-fiction (2015), and can sometimes be found performing her stand-up comedy routine Laugh While You Still Have Teeth.


Blog Tour: Wedding Bells at Villa Limoncello by Daisy James (Tuscan Trilogy #1) 

Title: Wedding Bells at Villa Limoncello 

Author Name: Daisy James


Previous Books (if applicable): 

Sunshine & Secrets, Confetti & Confusion and Mistletoe & Mystery


Genre: Women’s Fiction


Release Date: 11th March 2019


Cover Image:

About the Book:

 Escape to Villa Limoncello… where dreams come true in unexpected ways. Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Jenny Oliver and Kat French
When Isabella Jenkins is unceremoniously fired from her fancy London job, she escapes to Tuscany. A few weeks hiding amongst rolling hills and grape vines at Villa Limoncello sounds exactly like the distraction she needs.

But Italy holds emotional memories for Izzy and with a hapless handyman, a matchmaking village matriarch and a gorgeous – if infuriating – local chef named Luca Castelotti, her quiet Italian get away turns into an unending cacophony of chaos.

Suddenly Izzie finds herself on a mission to pull off the wedding of the century and maybe get her life in order in the process. If only Luca’s gorgeous smile wasn’t such a powerful distraction…

 My Review: 

Isabella Jenkins, or Izzie as she’s known, is happy with her job as an interior designer in London and with life until she is fired and has to start anew, 
She’s shocked and wondering what to do when her friend Meghan talks about her brother’s wedding. 
Meghan always wants to be there for Izzie as only a good friend should be and before Izzie knows it, she’s jetting off to the Tuscan sun to help with organising the wedding. 
Villa Limoncello is nestled in a rural part of Tuscany and proves a perfect retreat for Izzie. The characters are all nice, and everything seems too perfect at times. I was very surprised at how well they spoke English and found some parts of the book dragged, especially the first 40 percent. Perhaps the pace there was meant to set the scene and lure the reader in. 
Just as with Daisy James’ Paradise Cookery School series, an exotic location is teamed with rustic charm, friendly locals and good food. There are good times, as well as ones that do not go so well. 
I enjoyed the wedding preparations and was swept up in the atmosphere, more so I think as I have very recently celebrated my own wedding. But it’s a very quick and relaxing novel. 
Part 1 of a new series, I am looking forward to the other books. I did feel that the characters were a little underdeveloped and stereotyped but maybe that was intentional, leaving room for more adventures in future books.
 A good start to a new series and it is wonderful to review another Daisy James book. 
Thanks to Daisy James and Canelo for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review and my place on the blog tour for this title.  
3.5-4 stars.


Where to Buy:
Amazon (UK)

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About the Author:

Daisy James is a Yorkshire girl transplanted to the north east of England. She loves writing stories with strong heroines and swift-flowing plotlines. When not scribbling away in her summerhouse, she spends her time sifting flour and sprinkling sugar and edible glitter. She loves gossiping with friends over a glass of something pink and fizzy or indulging in a spot of afternoon tea – china plates and teacups are a must.

Twitter: @daisyjamesbooks


I reviewed another series by Daisy James in the past called The Paradise Cookery School. 

Book 1: Sunshine and Secrets  

Book 2: Confetti and Confusion

Book 3: Mistletoe and Mystery