Audiobook Review: Megge of Bury Down (Bury Down Chronicles Book 1) by Rebecca Kightlinger

After having reviewed the ARC of Megge of Bury Down during the blog tour, I was recently contacted by Rebecca  Kightlnger who offered me the chance to review the Audible audiobook. 
I enjoyed the ARC so wanted to give the audiobook a listen. 

As with the ARC, the audiobook was captivating but having person   narrate it  instead of my iPad’s VoiceOver made the plot, characters twists and turns come to life even more. It’s wonderfully visual. 

A very recommended audiobook. 

Thanks to Rebecca Kightlinger for this review opportunity. It was great to get an idea of Megge of Bury Down in a different format. 

Imzadi by Peter David

Review of Audible Audiobook (Abridged). This has been my favourite Star Trek TNG book since I was 11 years old and discovered I loved Star Trek. Peter David is one of my favourite Star Trek authors, and the way he intertwines Troi and Riker’s relationship with alternate realities is pure skill. The pace of the writing never falters, even in this abridged version of the book. Shame it wasn’t longer. The sound affects really add atmosphere to an already great narration.

I also have the paperback so I can read the more detailed version of the story. Will Riker and Deanna Troi as characters and their relationship have always fascinated me. I personally think they are the cutest couple in Starfleet!

Five stars.