Birthday Post 2018

It’s come around again, that time of year, my birthday! I’ve always loved birthdays. Mine has always been special  to me.  Every year, I’ll think of what I’ve bern told and know about my birth and be glad to be here. 

After a leisurely breakfast and getting stylishly dressed for the cold weather, we went off to the shops. I’d been thinking of going to Sephora for awhile and decided today would be the day I’d do that.  

I wanted the shadows in 203- Wedding Day  and 329 – Be Chic as well as the Lipstories lipstick in 3- Oui and 27- Hong Kong by Night, all by Sephora Collection. More if I could find them. And I did! 🙂  

The staff were really helpful and found the products I wanted quickly and easily. They were handing out artificial roses scented with what smelt to me like Flower by Kenzo or some variant of it.  Anyway, that was a cute touch. 

I wanted Huda Beauty’s new palette, The New Nudes and swatched all the shades. The pressed glitters are amazing and all the shades in the palette are so pigmented. It’s 64,95€ and I wanted to get some clothes so will put it on my sale list and hope it does go on sale. Or I may treat myself again when I can….. 

I got 2 samples of  a perfume called Mutiny by Maison Margiela 

with  my purchase (review coming when I’ve tested it ) and Sephora were doing a 20% off event so I got a discount on my makeup. I was pleased because the 20% off discount online was only available for purchases over €90 and instore it was on any purchase amount .
I wanted a skirt and some boots so looked in Primark. And found some amazing boots

 as well as a cute lightweight jacket that easily packs away for traveling 

Plus  4 long sleeved cotton tshirts. But am still looking for a skirt.

Later on, we ate some chocolate pannetone. Tomorrow is another special day as we’ll have been together 12 years and 9 months. Today was a very enjoyable day.