My Dewey’s Summer Reverse Readathon Listening List, August 2021 Plus I Am Blog Co-Host (Admin) for Hour 9

I am so excited again that tomorrow is the Dewey’s Summer Reverse Readathon. I have taken part since 2018 and have experienced some great books and a fun, yet relaxing event.

It’s a long time since I completed my Goodreads 2021 Reading Challenge. My goal was 50 books and I have listened to 152.

My picks for this summer reverse Readathon session are:

Summer at the Little French Café by Karen Clarke.

Summer Island Book Club (Friendship Beach #1) by Ciara Knight.

Both books are NetGalley ARCs that I have been saving for this event.

I am not only a reader this time, but I am the co-host on the Dewey’s Readathon blog for hour 9.

Have a great Readathon if you are taking part. It starts at 8PM EST tomorrow and ends at 8AM EST on Saturday.

Start time equivalents where you are are on the website. For me, it starts at 2AM so I’ll do what I can for the challenge after I get some sleep.

As always, there are plenty of other things to do besides read during the event. Enjoy your books too.

Finished Products and Life Update: July

My finished products this month are:

W7 Lemon Meringue anti-redness eyeshadow primer

Cien Volume Mascara in Black

Cien Argan Oil Body Milk 400ml

L’Oreal Elvive Colored Hair Shampoo 750ml

Beauty Formulas Coconut Milk Facial Scrub 150ml

I hit pan on my Kiko Cream Crush eyeshadow in shade 05, Silver Rose.

July, as always, is Camp NaNoWriMo month. I wasn’t convinced about which project to work on and I couldn’t think of anything new so I edited some short stories I have.

I emailed some magazines as I am still wanting to publish my work. I am trying with short stories first as well as still looking for a publisher for my novels.

I want my writing projects to reach the disability organisations who helped me in my life as well as anyone else who may be interested.

I feel happy that I have started contacting magazines and that some of the disability organisations got back to me.

I didn’t get into the AutoCrit Writing Challenge Anthology, but it was fun working on my story for it this year. I will keep trying to get into the anthology.

I watched the video for the AutoCrit Destination Unknown Challenge, which I did last year. I am glad it’s back again. I saw all the videos that followed and took part in the challenge. I chose 1000 words as my goal to keep it short as I didn’t want to do anything longer. I finished my story in the first week and edited in the second. The story doesn’t require submitting anywhere through this contest.

I am 142 books into my Goodreads Challenge and since I originally thought I’d get through 50, I am pleased to have discovered so many good books.

I have decided to do the Dewey’s Reverse Readathon again. There are eight optional pre-Readathon prompts and the event itself is on August 6th and 7th, starting at 8PM EST on August 6 and ending at 8AM on the 7th, instead of going from AM to PM like the Readathon usually does.

I have now had the two doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, as has my husband. More about that in another post.

Overall, it has been a pretty productive month, especially when I wasn’t sure how productive I’d end up being.

#CaptainTom100 Day 4: 100 Things About Me

We’ve reached the end of the #CaptainTom100 challenge and I have to say I have really enjoyed it.

Want to know more about me?

Here are 100 things:


  1. I’m bilingual (English and Spanish)
  2. I was born at 29 weeks
  3. I was an identical twin
  4. I have Cerebral Palsy, which in my case means my muscles are too tight throughout my body
  5. I have hydrocephalus with 2 shunts to drain the fluid that protects my brain and spine as my body cannot do it itself.
  6. I have worn glasses since age 2
  7. I have two electric wheelchairs, one is purple and the other is black
  8. I love cats and have known two as pets in my lifetime
  9. I love pizza (especially pepperoni or chicken)
  10. I studied Spanish German and Geography at GCSE and A’-Level and passed
  11. I would love to do a creative writing MFA
  12. I was top of the class in Spanish through secondary school
  13. I had a hamster named Toffee when I was little
  14. My favourite celebration drink is champagne
  15. I have a Geography degree
  16. I am a shopaholic
  17. I love makeup
  18. I love clothes
  19. I would love to be a mother one day
  20. I smile a lot
  21. I am kind and approachable
  22. I always do my best to help others to the best of my abilities
  23. I have a lot of empathy for others and feel bad if I can’t help them
  24. I had many brain surgeries before I was 11 years old
  25. I love shoes
  26. I love purple
  27. I am a good listener
  28. I love gold
  29. I love pink
  30. I love glitter
  31. I am a loyal friend
  32. I value those who value me and reject those who do not
  33. I do not like conflict or injustice and will always fight this (I let people know when they are wrong)
  34. I am honest
  35. I give every task 100%
  36. I have nystagmus
  37. I have hemianopia
  38. I have a squint
  39. I have astigmatism
  40. My favourite boy band as a teen was The Backstreet Boys
  41. I have many Songs by Eternal
  42. I love popcorn
  43. I love the Grease movies
  44. My favourite musicals are Grease and Sister Act
  45. My wedding dress was a purpley pink colour and had tulle layers
  46. My wedding ring has 11 diamonds
  47. I got engaged on my birthday in 2008
  48. I almost chose Christmas Eve 2018 as my wedding day but did not want to be too cold in my wedding dress.
  49. I love the smell and look of leather
  50. I love TK Maxx
  51. I love Mango (clothes shop)
  52. Watermelon is my go-to summer fruit
  53. I am addicted to eyeshadow
  54. My laptop is gold
  55. My phone cover has a picture of a makeup palette on it
  56. I love the sunshine
  57. I love leopard print, zebra print and snake print
  58. I own the entire Friends BluRay box set and Sex and the City DVD boxset and I want the one for This is Us
  59. My favourite cocktail is a Cosmopolitan
  60. I adore charcoal eyeshadow
  61. I hate the cold
  62. I have been to Clothes Show Live and went as part of my “Many Things I Want to Do” for my 30th birthday celebration, spread throughout December 2011
  63. I love metallic colours
  64. My wheelchair is purple
  65. My favourite high end makeup brand is Urban Decay
  66. My favourite budget makeup brand is Wet ‘n’ Wild
  67. My favourite brands for affordable makeup dupes are W7 and Wet ‘n’ Wild
  68. I am a “Revoholic” (fan of Makeup Revolution)
  69. I started therapeutic horse riding at the age of 5 and stopped at age 17 to go to university but my love for horses has never left me
  70. I love roses
  71. I dictated my first book in 2013 and have different ones in different genres now which I would love to publish
  72. I have done and won NaNoWriMo every year since 2013
  73. I have done and won Camp NaNoWriMo every year since 2014
  74. I love the summer
  75. I love Christmas
  76. I love chocolate
  77. My favourite chocolate brand is Galaxy
  78. I love cookies (especially those from Millie’s Cookies)
  79. My favourite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  80. I love audiobooks
  81. I’m a NetGalley reviewer
  82. I’m a Trekkie
  83. I have a pink Nintendo DS
  84. I would love to be a published author
  85. I love french fries as well as healthy eating
  86. My two favourite book genres are women’s fiction and romance
  87. I have a sister
  88. I have a nephew
  89. I love pretzels
  90. My favourite winter drink is hot chocolate (regular hot chocolate, white hot chocolate and with marshmallows)
  91. I love London
  92. I adore Spain
  93. My favourite perfume brand is Chanel
  94. I love white wine
  95. I would love to do a coast-to-coast road trip in the USA.
  96. I love anything coconut-scented or flavoured
  97. My favourite movies are true-to-life family dramas as well as realistic, relatable romances
  98. I love fictional medical documentaries or true-life ones
  99. ER is my favourite fictional medical drama and I have always wanted to meet the cast
  100. I am a hopeless romantic

#CaptainTom100 Day 3: Listen to 100 Pages

Today is day 3 of the #CaptainTom100 challenge and I wanted a relaxing day, so I have started my next Advance Reader Copy book. I love Faith Hogan’s novels and have reviewed a few on my blog. The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club seemed like a perfect Sunday listen. I’ll be on the blog tour for the book on 17th May, so you’ll be able to find my review for this book on my blog then.

About the Book:

Three women, three different stages of life, united by one thing: the chance to start again.

When Elizabeth’s husband dies, leaving her with crippling debt, she must turn to her friend, Jo for help, who calls in her daughter, Lucy to run the village surgery. Leaving her city life, and past demons, behind, Lucy is determined to make the most of her fresh start. As life slowly begins to resemble something normal for the three women, Jo’s world is turned upside down when she receives some shocking news. In search of some solace, Jo and Elizabeth find themselves enjoying midnight dips in the freezing Irish sea. Here they can laugh, cry and wash away all their fears. As well as conjure a fundraising plan for the local hospice; to take a dip in the nip.

Synopsis courtesy of Aria and Aries and Head of Zeus

#CaptainTom100 Day 2: My 100 (And More) Favourite Books

Today’s #CaptainTom100 post is a list of my favourite books (in no particular order).

  1. My Friend Flicka Trilogy by Mary O’ Hara
  2. The Babysitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin
  3. Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal
  4. Sweet Valley University series by Francine Pascal
  5. The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans
  6. The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans
  7. The Loop by Nicholas Evans
  8. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
  9. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
  10. Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
  11. Imzadi by Peter David (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  12. Imzadi II: Love Triangle by Peter David (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  13. Encounter at Farpoint (Star Trek: The Next Generation #1)
  14. Q in Law by Peter David (Star Trek: The Next Generation #18)
  15. Guises of the Mind (Star Trek: The Next Generation #27 Rebecca Neason)
  16. (Star Trek Voyager) Caretaker by L.A. Graf, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor
  17. (Star Trek Voyager) Mosaic by Jeri Taylor
  18. (Star Trek Voyager) Pathways by Jeri Taylor
  19. Dark Mirror by Diane Duane
  20. Black Beauty by Anna Sewll
  21. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  22. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  23. The Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant
  24. The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery
  25. The Friendship List by Susan Mallery
  26. Bag of Bones by Stephen King
  27. Carrie by Stephen King
  28. Chasing the Sun by Judy Leigh
  29. The Scarlet Dress by Louise Douglas
  30. The House by the Sea by Louise Douglas
  31. Willow Weeps by Louise Worthington
  32. Tree Magic by Harriett Springbett
  33. Sunshine over Bluebell Cliff by Della Galton
  34. Shooting Stars over Bluebell Cliff by Della Galton
  35. On the Road to Love (Love and the City #1) by Melissa Baldwin
  36. I’ll Be There for You: The One About Friends by Kelsey Miller
  37. Any ER TV series Companions
  38. Summer in Andalucía by Lucy Coleman
  39. A French Adventure by Lucy Coleman
  40. Time Out by Emma Murray
  41. The Juggle by Emma Murray
  42. Finding Harmony by Sally Hyder
  43. A Stroke of Luck:A Girl’s Second Chance at Life by Juli Dixon and Jessica Dixon
  44. Hannah, Same Both Ways by Hannah Rose
  45. Patience by Victoria Scott
  46. What If? by Shari Low
  47. What Now? by Shari Low
  48. The House Mate by Nina Manning
  49.  How to Build a Heart by Maria Padian
  50. She’s Faking It by Kristin Rockaway 
  51. The Christmas Swap by Sandy Barker
  52. The Christmas Calendar Girls by Samantha Tonge
  53. The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine The Bitter and Sweet of Cherry Season by Molly Fade
  54.  Alaskan Christmas Redemption 
  55. Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well Thank You by Annie Lyons 
  56. Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger 
  57. Delayed Justice (True Blue K-9 Unit Brooklyn #8) by Shirlee Scott
  58. Reckless by Gemma Scott 
  59. The Bookshop on the Corner by Rebecca Raisin
  60. The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin
  61.  This is How I Lied by Heather Gudenkauf 
  62. When the Mountains Sing by Nguyen Phan Que Mai
  63. How Not to Be a Loser by Beth Moran 
  64. That Long Lost Summer by Minna Howard
  65. A Mother’s Secret By Minna Howard 
  66. The Grace Kelly Dress by Brenda Janowitz
  67. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
  68. Big Girl Small Town by Michelle Gallon 
  69. The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell
  70. Secret Heir Sedction by Reese Ryan
  71. Reunion of Rivals by Reese Ryan 
  72. Cocktails and Dreams by A.L Michael 
  73. Prosecco and Promises by A.L Michael 
  74. Copycat Killer by Laura Scott 
  75. Sunset over Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr
  76. Truths I Never Told You by Kelly Rimmer
  77.  Killman Creek by Rachel Caine 
  78. Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine
  79.  Life at 8MPH by Peter Bowling Anderson 
  80. The Backpacking Housewife by Janice Horton
  81. Damaged by Cathy Glass
  82.  Cut by Cathy Glass 
  83. The Pact by Jodi Picoult 
  84. Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult 
  85. Plain Truth by Jodi Pcoult 
  86. Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult 
  87. Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult 
  88. My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult 
  89. Where There’s Smoke by Jodi Picoult
  90.  Scandal by Sacha Morgan
  91. The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer 
  92. The Vet’s at Hope Green by Sheila Norton
  93. The Pets at Primrose Cottage by Sheila Norton 
  94. In a Cottage in a Wood by Cass Green 
  95. Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle 
  96. Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell 
  97. The Girl Before By JP Delaney 
  98. You Are Loved by Jo Platt
  99. The Stillhouse Lake series by Rachel Caine 
  100. If the Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss
  101. Not a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf 
  102. I Know Where She Is by SB Caves
  103. After I’ve Gone by Linda Green
  104. The Cottonbloom series by Laura Trentham
  105. All of Emily March’s books
  106.  The Cloud Bay series by Emma Douglas 
  107. Hush Little Baby by Joanna Barnard
  108. Deck the Halls by Donna Alward 
  109. The Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse by Cressida McLaughlin
  110. Sparkles by Louise Bagshawe
  111. Glamour by Louise Bagshawe
  112. Glitz by Louise Bagshawe
  113. Passion by Louise Bagshawe
  114. Desire by Louise Bagshawe
  115. Tuesday’s Child by Louise Bagshawe
  116. Venus Envy by Louise Bagshawe
  117. The Movie by Louise Bagshawe
  118. Looking Up: A Humourous and Unflinching Account of Learning to Live Again with Sudden Disability by Tim Rushby-Smith

Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon: Day 2 Progress Update

Once again, the Readathon has gone very quickly. I finished the two books I wanted to, and enjoyed them both.

This time, I spent more time on Goodreads during the Readathon than I had in other years and the Dewy’s 24 Hour Readathon group was a good place to chat to others and share my updates. My progress can also be found here, as well as on Goodreads and my Twitter @theglitzqueen.

I commented on the threads about how many books and pages I had finished. In total this weekend, I finished 504, between 199 for College Weekend (Sweet Valley High #118) and I’ll be There for You: The One About Friends.

I commented on the Dewey’s Readathon blog too for the opening and closing surveys as well as entering my books into the books database.

This Readathon is a “must do” event for me every year and I am looking forward to October.

I hope those of you who took part loved it too. And if you did not quite get to the end of your books, I hope you also had a good time.

Feel-Good and Escapist Books for the Readathon or Just Because

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting the first pre-Readathon post for this month’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon.

Hi everyone, it’s Katherine from Just Katherine

Find me on Twitter·@theglitzqueen Pinterest @silverfairy81 Instagram @purplestar81 and Goodreads.

 The Beachside Sweet Shop and The Beachside Flower Stall by Karen Clarke
Finding Henry Applebee by Celia Reynolds
Any book by Darcie Boleyn
Eudora Honeysett is Quite Fine Thank You by Annie Lyons (titled The Brilliant Life of Euudora Honeysett in the US). 
Any book by Mandy Baggot, including her 2021 novel, Staying Out for the Summer. 
Any book by T.A. Williams 
Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde 
Where The Heart Is by Billie Letts
A Very Lucky Christmas by Lilac Mills 
That Long Lost Summer by Minna Howard 
The Vets at Hope Green and The Pets at Primrose Cottage by Sheila Norton 
Cloud Bay series by Emma Douglas
The Postcard by Fern Britton 
The Note, The Postcard and any book by Zoë Folbigg
What If? by Shari Low
Any book by Samantha Tonge 
Sun Sea and Sangria by Victoria Cooke 
The Grace Kelly Dress by Brenda Janowitz 
Alaskan Christmas Redemption by Belle Calhoune 
The Woolly Hat Knitting Club by Poppy Dolan
Any book by Nicholas Sparks but in particular The Notebook 
Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. 

Of the books I have reviewed this year, my favourite feel-good and escapist books are: 

Summer in Andalucia by Lucy Coleman. 
Chasing the Sun by Judy Leigh
What Now by Shari Low
Finding Love at Mermaid Terrace by Kate Forster
The Juggle by Emma Murray
Dreaming under an Island Skye by Lisa Hobman
The Women Who Ran Away by Sheila O’ Flannagan
On the Road to Love by Melissa Baldwin. 

You can find more  general information about each book and buy links on Goodreads or on the publisher’s site. 

So far, all the books in this article apart from Pay It Forward, Practical Magic, Where The Heart Is and the Nicolas Sparks books are reviewed on my blog if they are from previous years and at the time of publishing of this post, Chasing the Sun and On the Road to Love are not yet on my blog but they wil be by the time of the Readathon. 

Have a great readathon whatever you are reading or listening to. What books will you read or listen to this Readathon? What are you most looking forward to?

You can also find this post on the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon site:

A Relaxing Easter Day

Last Easter, we were in lockdown. This Easter, Alfredo and I watched some movies. We saw Noah yesterday (the story of Noah’s Ark) as well as Mr Magorium’s Magic Emporium. I realised Star Trek Into Darkness, the second of the most recent Star Trek films was on, so we saw that.

We are self isolating still but wanted as relaxing a day as possible. We ate our usual salad and soup and had one of my favourite foods, pasta. Easter eggs not forgotten, we ate some of those, too.

Camp NaNoWriMo started on April 1. I am working on a short story which is in the paranornal romance genre and am 1,800 words in.

I liked Daniel David Wallace’s recent summit and he was hosing a 6-day course called Copying the Greats. It finished today and involved coming up with my own paragraphs from excerpts of famous novels. I found some parts easier than others but I am glad I took the chance to do this short course. Each task took 10-15 minutes and was challenging. The course, like the summit, was free.

I have not worked on my creative projects at all this year, so Camp NaNoWriMo seemed a good place to start.

DIY MFA Weekend Writing Sprint Course Review

Wanting to get back to my writing, I signed up again to the Weekend Writing Sprint this past weekend. The course consists of six short videos and 27 minutes of recordings in all.

Everything covered focused on tips for planning such as setting smart goals, mapping out three ideas, organizing and setting time limits.

Rivalry is something that’s found in any activity. The course will give you tips for avoiding this and being true to your own writing.

Inspiration may be what is needed…or not. The course debunks myths surrounding whether you need it to write or not.

Gabriela teaches us that embracing wins, and indeed any type of progress, is good and that above all we should never give up.

The course is quick yet has some interesting details and examples as well as tips that made me think they were all good suggestions.

Gabriela teaches in a way that things are clear within the time limit and it was enjoyable. I think the course is good for all skill levels and if you have done it before like I have then it is a great tool for revising concepts.

My advice is to sign up for DIY MFA emails and follow on Twitter @diymfa.

The course is free of charge but it is available for a limited time every time it is taken out of the DIY MFA vault.

A New Makeup Challenge (MUA Challenges You)

Make Up Academy, or MUA, is a makeup brand I discovered years ago on a trip the nearest Superdrug store to me. I wanted a value-for-money brand and since that first time have bought and used many products by them.

The last product I have is the Glitterball eyeshadow palette. A few days ago, I was emailed about an Instagram challenge they were going to do. What you have to do is create your “fiercest mask look.” The prize? Makeup products.

I wanted a subtle, wearable look and have finished the shadows I had thought of using (the gold and lavender ones from the palette). I am half-way through Exuinox, a shade that to my eyes seems white but other bloggers say is a silver. The top shade is Hustle, a metallic brown. Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer is underneath the shadows.

My lipstick is Sephora Collection’s Lip Ink in Peony. MUA say eyes and brows can be done but I do not have any brow products.

Find my look on my Instagram @purplestar and by using the hashtag #muachallengesyou @muacosmetics, MUA’s Instagram, has my post too.

The competition ends on 21 February at 11:59PM GMT and is open to UK and EU residents only.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram. And if you enter the competition, good luck!