Does An “Undateable”Person Exist? 

A couple of nights ago , I was watching an episode of The Undateables, a TV programme where people with different disabilities go on dates together to see if they are lucky in love or not.
The idea sounds great, and I’m all for anybody with a disability having the same freedom to date as anybody else.

 The only thing (and this is a BIG thing) I find wrong with the show is that it makes me think why are the people paired up with another disabled person? Is it to spare them the experience of being judged by others who are not disabled?

Or because society thinks that people won’t “understand” why an able-bodied person would want to be with someone with a disability? Or is it to demonstrate that relationships can work if both people in the relationship have a disability?

I know that this last fact is true – I have seen YouTube videos about successful relationships were each partner has a disability.

This documentary is a favourite  of mine.

Whatever the reason behind the TV show, I found myself feeling happy when some people got on well or had great date, as everyone deserves to be happy in love.

I don’t really like the title of the programme, either. I believe it’s descriminatory towards those of us with disabilities. Other countries’ translation of the title, for example Spain’s Una Cita Única, which translates to ” A Unique Date,” is much more acceptable. 

Have you seen The Undateables? What do you think of the programme?

A final thought of mine, and I have to ask this) is ” are people with disabilities really ‘Undateable?'” 

I’d say not,as I think there’s always someone  for everyone!

I’ll keep watching it though as I like reality TV and it’s good to know people’s experiences. 

Soon, I’ll talk about my own experience of dating and falling in love.