Tackling  My TBR Lists: One Busy Week

This week has been busy, there was my wheelchair seating assesment on Tuesday, a Primark and drugstore  shopping spree on Thursday and lots of writing and critiquing in between. I have somewhat been neglecting my blog, so my appologies.As a result, my effort at getting through my audiobooks and ARCs has been much worse than expected- I hope to get more time to get to them later today and tomorrow. My YouTube channel is something I work on as much as I can, and I have been watching more videos and following more channels more than I have been making videos. My pitch video for the Freedom Makeup  contest has 25 views and 2 likes since a week ago when I uploaded it , and the upload period ends on Friday. You can find it on my YouTube channel, cpchick81, as well as in my blog entry from last Saturday. 

 Like & share it and help me get to the next round! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Tomorrow, I have a special post for you- you’ll see everything I bought this week. There are many big names in there, so stay tuned 🙂 

The Glitter Notebook Turns 1

Today is a really special day, because my blog, The Glitter Notebook, is a year old
 I used to have blogs on many different subjects on Blogger which I was feeling very ambitious about. Soon however, it seemed that I was being way too ambitious and this is when I thought of combining everything I am passionate about in one blog so that everything is all under one roof. This has turned out to be a good idea, and while I have not so far managed to stick entirely to my 2016 New Year’s resolution that I would write on my blog every day, I feel that I have come pretty close so far to making that a reality. I am happy with the fact that I do work on some kind of writing project every day, even at the weekends.
Looking back through my posts today, I see that I have created the varied blog that I always wanted, with make up, book and beauty product reviews, details of the challenges that I do, as well as my thoughts and experiences as I go through life.
Lastly, I’d like to thank each and every one of my followers on this blog and say that primarily I blog for myself, but also because I know that you like my content.
 If you are reading this and you haven’t followed my blog yet, please feel free to do so.

Other news this week 

This week, I have been busy with my online courses and also getting through my first Advance Review Copy (ARC). There is a great offer on mascaras at Kiko at the moment – any mascara for 3.90 (in store and online). I have been really wanting to try the 30 day treatment mascaras (day and night treatment ) and so this is my chance. I bought both of those mascaras. Those of you who shop regularly at Kiko will know that the mascaras range in price from 5.90 to 8.90, so the offer price isn’t bad. I bought the 30 day treatment Mascara for day and the same product for nighttime. I also bought the volume building mascara.

I am a book blogger at last

I have always loved books and have wanted to become a book blogger for forever, but I didn’t really know where to start to become one. I have been a Goodreads member since 2010 and love the site. I mainly use it to save books I read/ listen to and occasionally to search for people I know or meet new people. I won a giveaway last year and often enter others if I want to try my luck. 

While updating my book lists a few days ago, I looked at the events. There was one which said free books in exchange for an honest review. I signed up, and was told to expect the books soon (after I’d chosen the ones I’d review). They got delivered to my email yesterday.

These are the books on my review list: 

The Convergence by Tenille Berezay

Sand And Kisses (Sweet and Sassy Anthology Book 1)  by Elana Johnson, Cindy M. Hogan et al. 

Legacy (Citizens of Logan Pond #2) by Rebecca Belliston. 

 All I have to do is read them by a certain date,  and leave a review on two websites: Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Goodreads or my blog. I’ll leave the reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and here on my blog. I don’t use B & N and hardly use Kobo. So, that will keep me busy over the next few months 🙂 

It’s a start, at least. I’m a member of NetGalley too, but have to learn my way around the site. I’m proud I have found a way to experience another one of my goals in life. Next step will be getting paid to blog and also review books- that’s an ambition of mine. 

I’ll begin with Sand and Kisses and update here when I can. 

Another Literary-inspired day 

Today has been another literary – inspired day from me. I deleted around 100 emails from my inbox, and sorted through the ones which were from Boobkbub. I have been a member of this website for quite a few years now and really enjoy receiving daily emails with book recommendations. I have saved the books which are currently free from Amazon on my to read list on Goodreads. While on the site, I came across an event running today where books can be exchanged for an honest review. I have been wanting to do this for years now, and feel that it is my first opportunity to do so. I am eagerly awaiting some new Kindle e-books from them. This week, it is the 400th anniversary of both Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’ deaths. 

On Having Irish Blood and Happy St Patrick's Day 2016

Today is a special day for Irish people around the world and those with an Irish connection in their family. My family is no exception. My mum is Irish (born in Dublin). She lived there until she was about 3 years old and her older brother and sister were also born there. Her parents bought the family over to the UK where my grwndmother still lives. My grandmother and grandfather lived in Dublin for some time. My grandfather studied Arcitecture at Trinity College Dublin. Many of my other family members are in Dublin and the West of Ireland. 

The Irish accent is a familiar one to me, but I was not very familiar with Irish history, that is, until now. I have just started studying a course about Ireland’s history  online on a site called Futurelearn. Years ago, I had the pleasure to meet my mum’s second cousin and her mother and grandfather. Despite having family in Ireland, I have only been there once, when I was in my 2nd year  at Reading University. I loved the feel of being there and going back to my roots. I remember how my gran lent me some guidebooks and information leaflets beforehand, so I was well peepared. I also loved listening to hers and my grandad’s stories about their memories of living in Ireland. 

When I got to Swansea University at the age of almost 18 yesrs old, I met Siobhan, who had Irish family too. We are still friends til this day. I feel very proud of my heritage.  

Happy St Patrick’s Day to those of you who celebrate it! 

First Cold of The Winter 

Today is a bit of a funny day.Both Alfredo and I have colds and I am not in the mood for writing much except this blog post . I did finally get round to deleting a couple of hundred emails from my inbox which had been there since last year at least which is productive. Neither of us get colds too often and so it is annoying when we do. This is the first cold of the winter for the both of us and I hope it doesn’t stick around too long. Usually, my colds can take at least a few weeks to get better. Luckily, Alfredo’s a great cook and will prepare home-made soups almost every day during the winter. We are both also making sure that we drink a lot of hot drinks and tea with honey. I am not a fan of traditional British tea, but do like herbal teas. My plan for the rest of the day is to read and relax and possibly listen to audiobooks again. I enjoyed A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby and so am listening to that. I plan to write a review of that audiobook, possibly tomorrow. I am usually a really hard-working person and don’t stop working on my projects until I am literally exhausted. I was up last night coughing and just generally feeling bad so hopefully I will get a better night’s sleep tonight. As Alfredo is my caregiver, I really hope that his cold doesn’t get any worse either.  It seems ironic that I have just started an online course  about  colds and influenza on Futurelearn. Maybe I can learn some more prevention tips! If  I decide to do more work on it in between bouts of coughing and sneezing that is. I am glad my wheelchair has supportive seating because my chest hurts every time I cough and so my postures are suffering more than usual. I hope to be able to tell you that we are both better soon. I was looking forward to Alfredo dying my hair today, but as my head hurts too (not helped by lack of sleep last night) we are posponing that until tomorrrow or later in the week or whenever I feel more like myself. Back in the summer, I bought 3 L’Oreal hair dyes. I’m looking forward to sharing my new look with you all.