Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Valentine’s Day 2021

I adore dupes of products and I also love perfumes. On this special day, I was given Essence by Aguamarina (a summer fragrance: I’m not sure what the dupe is yet but I wanted something fresh for summer) and Esplendor (a dupe for Dior’s J’dore). I am really looking forward to reviewing these. They are both by Allure by Suddenly from Lidl and cost 3.99€ each (down 2 euros). The brand Suddenly is one I know of but I have never had any of the Allure perfumes.

In keeping with our tradition from last year, we exchanged chocolate boxes and bought the same chocolates as last year: praline-filled hearts for me and chocolate cherries for Alfredo.

We ate tiramisu for desert.

I hope you have the best Valentine’s Day you can. Sending good wishes to everyone who follows my blog.

14 Years of Us 

I often get asked how long I’ve known my husband Alfredo for, and the answer is 14 years.

14 years which have gone so quickly.

I still remember my mix of nerves and excitement when Alfredo popped the question and asked me to be his girlfriend.

Naturally, I cried with happiness as I said yes. I also remember admitting that I’d always feared no one would ever want me.

Over the years, Alfredo has learnt a lot about me and himself.

I am the first person with disabilities he ever went out with and he has never shied away from me or the medical terms that I had to become familiar with as a child.

He educates doctors, supports me and is by my side every minute. He is patient, funny kind and giving.

We’ve shared laughter tears and tough as well as easier times. He is there with a hot water bottle when my bad circulation leaves me shivery and in pain. He’s there to help me move from place to place.

He is my arms and legs, my eyes my coordination  and muscle strength when my “batteries are rumning low” my way of saying I’m exhausted.

He’s there when my muscles get painful and pain is all I can think about. His hugs calm me when strong spasms make me quiet and even sleepy with exhaustion and rides the storms with me.

He’s my advocate when we have to explain that little bit more. And even when we do not. He is there to watch films with me, or to massage me when needed. He knows how to brighten my day and when and how to crack jokes that will make me laugh.

He’s tender, sweet and generous. Really, there are not enough words to describe him.

I certainly feel I have married my soul mate. He was there during hospital tests when I was worried and always does his best for me.

So, today is a special day for us. Given the current situation due to Covid-19 we had a quiet day with a delicious meal and some wine.

Thanks to mum for calling again. The photos in this post are of artificial flowers from our wedding



Celebrating 9 years 10 months in love

Today, I promised myself a relaxing day because today is the 23rd of the month and that means it is a celebration of my and Alfredo’s love for each other. We have been celebrating this day since 2006 when we met. This month is going very quickly, and has been busy with blogging writing reading critiquing and some time to go to the sales thrown in (I will let you know what I bought this week tomorrow). Recently, season two of one of our favourite TV shows The Strain started and so our plan for the rest of the day is to eat takeaway Chinese and watch that as well as any other films we can find. Alfredo and I are real film addicts! Have a great day whatever you are doing! Only 2 months until we celebrate our 10 year anniversary!