MacBook Air 2020: My 1 Month Review

I’ve now had my MacBook Air 2020 for a month.  In that time, I have watched films and YouTube videos, browsed my favourite online shops and done some online courses. I have taken screenshots and used my email.  I previously used my iPad 2 for everything and had never had a MacBook before.  Here’s how my MacBook Air has performed so far.  To begin with, I will talk about one of my favourite activities, online shopping. With COVID amongst us, I have been searching the online stores I love since I got my laptop. Websites load quickly and well.  I managed to find movies easily and they loaded faster than on my iPad. Contrary to what many reviewers were saying, YouTube works well.  The websites and materials for online courses loaded well and even those that had Facebook groups associated with them worked well. Facebook connected quickly and I was able to watch live webinars whether they were recorded in Zoom or with other software.  Simpler tasks such as email were very easy and quick whether I was accessing Hotmail or Gmail. The MacBook Air 2020 has an email client that has the same type of setup as on an iPad where you choose your email company and follow the steps to set up your account to view directly on your MacBook air without going into websites.  One thing that took time to get used to were the Mac shortcuts. Coming from using an iPad all the time, I didn’t have to worry as much since the hashtag and @ symbols are already assigned keys on the virtual keyboard or I just had to say the word “hashtag” and “at symbol” when using dictation.  The hashtag is shift command, and 3 and you have to press them all at once and the at symbol is option plus 2 on a European and UK keyboard. I felt I wanted to learn these to let people know for the purpose of this post but I had to search online first as I had no idea how to make them appear. But, it is really easy with dictation as you just say the type of punctuation. Something I love is the Retina screen. I do notice a difference compared to my iPad 2 which does not have one. Better colours and no eyestrain.  Extra things. Setup is really quick if you use the built in setup tool. You follow the steps onscreen. I set it up in 20 minutes and left some steps for later on as you can skip some.  Many people complain that the MacBook Air overheats. It doesn’t and I have even had tabs open and email/ websites open at once and it was fine.  Touch ID is great, much quicker than using a password and you set it up in the initial setup screens.  And the speakers are poweful making listening to music fun.  Overall a great laptop and I am happy with it. 

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: MacBook Air 2020 (Gold)

It’s a long time since I did one of these posts because I haven’t been buying anything. 

On Thursday, we chose my MacBook Air. I did so much online research over the past month or more and decided the Macbook Air was the one for me. 

I was deciding between the 12.9″ iPad Pro and the MacBook Air. For a long time I was set on getting the  iPad Pro, but then I decided that, impressed as I was by the iPad Pro, the memory (128GB) wasn’t enough for me right now with everything I need to do since I work on novels and the models with more memory (256GB plus) were too expensive.  I have wanted to  experience the full  Mac OS rather than iPad apps for so long. 

The MacBook Air 2020  I chose from our local Apple Store has the i5 processor  512GB SSD memory, and 8GB of RAM. I can’t wait to use it! 

My iPad  2 will be 9 years old on my birthday (December 22)  this year which was when I was given it  in 2011 and it’s still good for internet searches and the Kindle app still works. And I can watch TV shows or a movie on it. 

I’m so glad I have my first Mac and can’t wait to review it. 

I’m looking forward to choosing a new iPad in the near future.