One Year Ends and Another Begins

On the last night of 2018, I’m feeling a lot of things. I’m proud, hopeful feeling loved. But I am also thinking of the fact that my twin sister is not with me. 37 years have now passed since our birth on the 22nd of December 1981 and also since she passed away on 31 December 1981. I’m also thinking of the loved ones who are not able to celebrate another year, my Grandmother Lily and Aunty Susan. My Grandfather Terrence is always in my thoughts.

This year has been happy with wedding planning and the completion of my FINAL draft of Family Ties 3 years after I started it. I listened to 210 books for my Goodreads Challenge  of a goal of 200 and helped a lot of people with their critiques for their writing projects and also got some great ones for mine.

On a personal note, I decided to forget about my sweet tooth, get a better timetable in gear for physio which would not be physically possible without Alfredo and dropped 1, maybe 2 clothes sizes! I’m really pleased as that’s happened just in time for the sales.

So, tonight, I’m focusing on hope and happiness and am in celebration mode.

Top: my birthday present this year from mum and dad

Jeans: A gift from Alfredo years ago

Bracelet: A gift from my birthday a few years ago

Earrings: I got these years ago from Topshop, another of my favourite high street shops.

Necklace: A gift from dad a few years ago

Perfume: Chocolate by Zara, my favourite chocolate-scented perfume.

Makeup: Shades from Too Faced Gingerbread palette and  the pale pink glitter shade from Primark’s Glitter palette 

over the top of them.

Kiko Milano Luxurious Lashes Wateproof Mascara

Hair;Primark PS Hair and Body Glitter

Lips: Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kit in Matte Echelon

Happy 2019 to all my readers family friends and all who support me in life and with my different projects.