Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Valentine’s Day 2021

I adore dupes of products and I also love perfumes. On this special day, I was given Essence by Aguamarina (a summer fragrance: I’m not sure what the dupe is yet but I wanted something fresh for summer) and Esplendor (a dupe for Dior’s J’dore). I am really looking forward to reviewing these. They are both by Allure by Suddenly from Lidl and cost 3.99€ each (down 2 euros). The brand Suddenly is one I know of but I have never had any of the Allure perfumes.

In keeping with our tradition from last year, we exchanged chocolate boxes and bought the same chocolates as last year: praline-filled hearts for me and chocolate cherries for Alfredo.

We ate tiramisu for desert.

I hope you have the best Valentine’s Day you can. Sending good wishes to everyone who follows my blog.

My Experience of Dating and Falling In Love 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Everyone wants to be loved by someone. I was no exception to that rule growing up. I’d fantasise  about  my wedding and about meeting my “The One.” I had a crush on a boy when I was about 7, but he didn’t feel the same. Then, there were a few people I was interested in in the Sixth Form, but I was embarrased to tell them. 

I had a few dates when I was at university. One was a blind date and the rest of the time, I’d meet random people at the club on campus (yes, Reading University was fortunate enough to have its own nightclub on the main Whiteknight’s  campus). Guys would talk to me, first with some pickup line and then with less interest. The strangest  pickup line I heard was “You look intelligent! What are you studying?” I thought we aren’t in a library!  OK, I have needed glasses since age  2 as part and parcel of my CP and hydrocephalus. 

That guy went to the bathroom and didn’t come back. 

The dates continued after I graduated and the blind date I mentioned was one of them. One night, I turned up in Bar Med in Oxford. As always when meeting anyone,  I was early. The friend of a friend greeted me, sat down and the conversation was really stilted. He just looked very uncomfortable. Then, he got up and left. Yes, that was it. And that was before we’d even had a drink. That night, the best thing I did was call my dad to come and get me. 

From that night on, I vowed to just concentrate on life. A year went by in which I thought about what I wanted to do with my life after university. 

Since I spoke my first word of Spanish at age 11, I would dream about meeting my Spanish-speaking stud. My wish came true in 2006 and I’m very glad to say that now, almost 12 years on, we are still going strong! Alfredo is the only guy  I have met  who accepts me for me, sees past my disabilities  and always fights for justice for me in the face of adversity. We have celebrated Valentine’s Day in different ways. There have been romantic films, heart-shaped  chocolate waffles and gifts.

My gift this year, body sugar scrubs in Blackcurrant  and Caffeine  and Orange  and Vanilla  plus a new electric toothbrush. Body scrubs are an important part of my skincare routine. I’m coming to the end of another one at the moment and can’t wait to review my new ones! 

More important than all that, though, what has always been important to me  has been the fact that Alfredo chose me to be his partner in love and life, and for that I, and we, are happy. We have been engaged since 2008 and are in a civil partnership. Today, we watched the last episode of Brothers  and Sisters again, and it had me thinking about marriage. I have so many ideas for a wedding and it’s hard to settle on just one. 

Listening to ebooks is going well this year, and I have been listening to some really great ones recently. See my Valentine’s Day 2018 Listens post here! Don’t forget to follow my book blog and of course this blog too if you aren’t already. 

However you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, have a great day! 

Does An “Undateable”Person Exist? 

A couple of nights ago , I was watching an episode of The Undateables, a TV programme where people with different disabilities go on dates together to see if they are lucky in love or not.
The idea sounds great, and I’m all for anybody with a disability having the same freedom to date as anybody else.

 The only thing (and this is a BIG thing) I find wrong with the show is that it makes me think why are the people paired up with another disabled person? Is it to spare them the experience of being judged by others who are not disabled?

Or because society thinks that people won’t “understand” why an able-bodied person would want to be with someone with a disability? Or is it to demonstrate that relationships can work if both people in the relationship have a disability?

I know that this last fact is true – I have seen YouTube videos about successful relationships were each partner has a disability.

This documentary is a favourite  of mine.

Whatever the reason behind the TV show, I found myself feeling happy when some people got on well or had great date, as everyone deserves to be happy in love.

I don’t really like the title of the programme, either. I believe it’s descriminatory towards those of us with disabilities. Other countries’ translation of the title, for example Spain’s Una Cita Única, which translates to ” A Unique Date,” is much more acceptable. 

Have you seen The Undateables? What do you think of the programme?

A final thought of mine, and I have to ask this) is ” are people with disabilities really ‘Undateable?'” 

I’d say not,as I think there’s always someone  for everyone!

I’ll keep watching it though as I like reality TV and it’s good to know people’s experiences. 

Soon, I’ll talk about my own experience of dating and falling in love.