My The Stay Home Reading Rush Listening List. 

I knew about  The Reading Rush and took part in it last year. 

The Reading Rush  is running a special event during this uncertain time and they have named it The Stay Home Reading Rush, a 4-day reading marathon with prompts. 

This will be running from today until the 19th. I’m looking forward to the event. 

The Prompts: 

1) A book with a house on the cover.

Lured by the synopsis and cover, I chose What It Seems by Emily Bleeker. 

2) Read a Book in the same spot the whole time

I enjoyed Kelly Rimmer’s novel Truths  I Never Told You so much that I want to listen to it again. 
3) A book set somewhere you wish you could go.

 I love T.A. Williams’ books and chose Dreaming of Rome. I have reviewed many from the same series. 

4) A book that makes you smile

The Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. 

I’ll update you with how I get on in a separate post but this is my listening list for the event. 
Find out more and take part HERE