Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: W7, Makeup Obsession and Byphasse Haul

On Monday this week, I did a spur of the moment drugstore haul. I’d been wanting the W7 Howdy eyeshadow palette ever since I was bought the Urban Decay Wild West Mini Palette. The UD palette is great but I like dupes too, and I just knew W7 would have one.

One of my wedding presents was the Rose Gold refillable palette by Makeup Obsession. I have some eyeshadows and a liquid lipstick but the larger spaces in the palette aren’t filled.

I bought two Strobe Balms in the shade Precious to put in these spaces.

I chose eyeshadows in Cosmo, Sassy, Metal and Mauve and a liquid lipstick in the shade Prosecco. All the Makeup Obsession products cost 1€

I noticed that W7 still have their Glowcomotion highlighter, and it’s a product I have been wanting, as I like highlighters a lot and my Benefit High Beam highlighter is almost used up. I wanted W7’s dupe of that but it’s out of stock. I wanted to be able to do another comparison post with it and the High Beam.

Glowcomotion cost 2.99€.

I have already done a post for High Beam vs Chit Chat Highlighter by Poundland.

I also bought the W7 Sweet Pressed Pigment Palettes in Sweet Coco and Sweet Brown. These look like dupes of the 9-shade Huda Beauty palettes and cost 2.99 each.

Finally, I bought Byphasse Micellar Water. This was the only product on sale for 3.30 instead of 3.99 euros and it has 500ml of product. I love the regular Micellar Water by the brand and wanted to buy the waterproof version, which is new.

I haven’t bought earrings in years and wanted some cute ones shaped like cowboy boots. I loved two of the colors equally, so I bought them both. Black and lilac. They cost 4.99 euros each. There was also a turquoise color.

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: New Face Mask

Today, I was not sure what to buy. I found a charcoal face mask for 1,60€. The selection of makeup wasn’t nearly as varied or as good as it was even last year, let alone in recent years.There are still nail polishes, duo eyeshadows, foundations, concealer and lipstick, but colors aren’t very varied and the prices have gone up. I searched for their Color Lip Butter but they didn’t have it. Luckily I have three and am using them.They’re great.

Current prices for Cien makeup in Lidl (prices in Euros):

Nail polish: 2,99

Lipstick 3,99

Foundation 3.99

Concealer 3.99

Liquid Eyeliner 3.99

I was tempted by a gel nail polish but I decided not to buy it. I have so many nail polishes.I have one by them as well as a liquid concealer, foundation, triple and duo eyeshadows, and lipsticks, lip glosses and lip butters.

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: My Favourite Handcream is Back!

This week, I was surprised and pleased to find that Madame Glamour handcream by Lidl is back and has been repackaged.I loved the old packaging which was half white and half gold, but the new packaging is even nicer. It’s a bronze gold colour with black writing.

Beauty addicts like me know that Madame Glamour smells just like the Chanel perfume Coco Chael Mademoiselle. I’ve had a few bottles of the Madame Glamour perfume myself, and it’s very authentic smelling.

The handcream smells just as good and a tube has more product than it used to. I was used to finding 75ml tubes of cream, but now the tubes are 100ml ones, which means they’ll last even longer. They cost the same as they used to, 79 euro cents. I bought 2 tubes.

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: New Body Lotions

This week, it was Black Week at Lidl and there were body lotions on sale. I found one with avocado which I’ve never tried before. It has 500ml of product and cost 1.49€, original price 2.29€ The other one I bought, Classic Hydrating Body Cream, has 250ml and is the same price. Originally, it cost 1.99€. The other Hydrating Body Cream on offer was Soft Body Cream.

I did want the Body Milk, whose packaging looks like a dupe of Nivea’s body milk, but it was out of stock. That was on sale for the same price as the avocado body lotion I bought.

All these products are from the Cien skincare range by Lidl.

I know I’ll get use out of them since my skin gets dry at this time of year.

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Primark and Sephora Haul

This week, my parents were here for some days and I wanted to go shopping. We went to Sephora and they bought me a birthday gift (my birthday is near Christmas I’ll let you know what they bought me in my birthday post).

I was excited to be back at the shops as haven’t been since February 2020 (I have bought makeup and toiletries online since then and have not bought clothes from anywhere).

I wanted some pampering products. I was searching for a face serum as my skin seems dry. I chose 100% Rosehip Oil which cose 5 euros.

I have been wanting to try the Pink Clay Face Mask for a long time, and was happy to find it it stock. It cose 99 cents.

I love apricot-scented things, and found the Apricot and Niacinamide Glacier Water Sheet Mask which also cost 99 cents.

I like eye masks and find them relaxing. I’ve never had a gel-filled one before. When I saw a pink fake fur look one with turquoise trim with purple letters with the word GLOW, I really wanted it. It cost 3 euros.

I wanted to see what makeup was new. There wasn’t much in the makeup and toiletries section, which was really disappointing. I bought the PS Wet Look Lip Kit in the shade Cocoa which is a really dark chocolate shade and the set has a liquid lip gloss and a lip crayon and it cost 5 euros.

I’ve tried a lip kit from Primark before and liked it (a lip kit in the shade Spellbound) which is metallic. I’m looking forward to trying all these.

They also bought me a camel-coloured sweater from there which seems nice and soft and warm.

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: My Products From Nature’s Best and Vit C Toiletry Ranges

If you’ve seen either my post for the Cien Professional Macadamia Oil Hair Care range, the post for Cien Coconut Face Scrub or the Banana Conditioner and Banana Hair Mask, you’ll know that I like haircare with natural ingredients.

This week at the supermarket, I found the Nature’s Best skincare and haircare range in Lidl. This has been sold before, but I’ve never bought anything from it.

There’s shampoo, conditioner hair mask hair repair cream and hair spray, and there are four ranges, each with one different ingredient: Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Avocado, Almond Oil.

I bought the Macadamia Nut Oil Hair Repair Cream and the Coconut Spray. All products cost 2.99€ and I got the second product for 1.50€.

There was another range, Vit C, which had a Byphasic Makeup Remover, face serum, day cream, night cream a tissue face mask and a face serum.

I bought one bottle of the Byphasic Makeup Remover and it cost 2.99€. I’ve never tried this product before.

I’m looking forward to these products and of course reviewing them too.

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: New Slippers and Lipbalms

I’m a person who feels the cold easily, and this is worsened by the fact that I have trouble regulating my body temperature to be warm enough as the weather gets cooler. I found some boot slippers online that have sheepskin lining. The boots themselves are a gorgeous caramel brown colour and were on sale for 7.49€.

I use a lot of lipbalms as often have dry lips and moisturised lips are the best when it comes to good lip care. I am no stranger to the lip balms by Cien (Lidl) and have bought many different ones. I hadn’t found the lipbalms in the supermarket for a long time, but last time I went (this week) I got a nice surprise: the lipblams were back!

They had three varieties: Multi Oil Lip Balm (a favourite of mine which I’ve now bought more than once. See review here: Rose (I found this very drying but have not reviewed it yet) and Sensitive with Multi Oils and SPF 25.

I bought the Sensitive version of the balm. I haven’t used it yet, but am looking forward to doing so. I hope it’ll be good from the combination of aloe vera, nourishing oils and SPF 25. As with a lot of things nowadays, I did notice that a pack of three lipbalms now costs 2.29€ instead of 1.99€, but the lipblams are usually good so I didn’t mind paying extra.

Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Pre-Birthday Drugstore Haul: W7, I Heart Makeup and Byphasse

I was really pleased when I went on my drugstore website and found they had the entire W7 Major Mattes Lipstick range. Last time, they only had Exposed which I bought, and Original. I ordered the lipstick in Modest this time. This shade is likeded by many beauty bloggers as the dupe of the Huda Beauty Power Bullet Lipstick in Wedding Day.

I don’t have mascara left and Lidl has stopped stocking their Volumising Mascara in black (Maybelline Colossal Mascara dupe).

W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara, 2.99€

I have been wanting to try this for so long, but it was out of stock a lot. It`s a dupe of Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash Mascara, which I have tried in the past so I’ll do a comparison post when I use the W7 mascara.

W7 London Rose Mascara 1.99€

W7 All That! Mega Impact Glitter Lipstick in Chill Pill 1.99€

I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach Mascara 3,29€

Technic Glitter Primer Face and Body Primer 1,99€

Byphasse Q10 Day Cream SPF 10 3.29€

It’s my birthday in December and I wanted a treat. I often buy myself makeup or something else before my birthday if I find something I want and it’s a good price.

I have been wanting a palette for a long time. It’s the Forever Flawless I’ll be There for You plaette by Revolution Beauty. It cost 4.99€ instead of 12.99€. I promised myself I’d treat myself to this when it came down in price, and I got lucky this week.

Another birthday gift was the Friends X Revolution Satin Kiss Lipstick in Monica 2.50€. I already have Rachel’s shade and love it.