Celebrating A Year and 6 Months of Marriage

Today marks a year and 6 months since our wedding day. In that time, we have talked about our hopes for the future, supported each other and enjoyed each day. This year is a very different year but it does not mean we should not celebrate our day. What better company than each other? We remembered our wedding day and watched some TV together. It was still a very enjoyable day.

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Today is our first wedding anniversary. Our big day a year ago  was amazing and has left us both with many memories.

We had lots of plans for how we wanted to celebrate today but the current situation has made us rethink.

Even so it was a relaxing day watching films and I gave Alfredo the first chapter of my novel since this first anniversary is known as the “Paper Anniversary.”

And he loved the gift!

Thanks mum and dad for the card and keepsake hearts.

Thanks family and friends for all  your messages.

We ate a delicious roast dinner and of course there was wine and one of my favourite desserts. tiramisu.

Featured on the Blog Undercover Superhero! 

Ever wondered what it is like for me living with Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus and 4 Vision Impairments? 

I have a special post for you today.

I was contacted by the owner of the disability and lifestyle blog Undercover Superhero to share my story.

Our Wedding Day 

After months of preparation, our big day is finally here. We debated over the time of year, place and date to marry and finally settled on today.

On Tuesday, we arrived at the hotel and only just managed  to get to our room when we realised one of my tyres was  flat. Luckily Alfredo was able to mend it and so we were  able to relax a little.

Yesterday we met up with mum dad and Nicky for a very tasty breakfast in the dining room which was fortunately on the same floor as our room. We took a trip to Primark and went to TGI Fridays for lunch where I had some Cosmoplitans and cava as well as some chicken breasts with fries and salad.

After that, back at the hotel, Alfredo helped me open all our wedding gifts before relaxing some more.

The Big Day itself: 

We woke up early and got ready. Nicky curled my hair.


Here we are in the taxi and  on the way to the ceremony. 


Even the office staff took a photo of us while we were waiting to go into the ceremony room:

The ceremony was only short, 10 minutes and there was time for photos afterwards.

 I was glad to be able to get as close to the balcony as possible.


We had a meal on the 14th floor of another  hotel and the views  were amazing. 


Our Wedding Cake:


We also had cupcakes. Lemon with pink icing like the one above and carrot cake flavored with white icing. Both the cake and cupcakes were custom designs from a homemade bakery.