Happy World Book Day 2021

Happy World Book Day (and Night!)

I have been very busy this month with CampNaNoWriMo and two virtual writing summits so I am feeling quite tired but proud of my progress.

The book I’ve chosen to listen to today will be the next NetGalley ARC I review here. Spring on Rendezvous Lane by Angela Britnel.


The full review post will be on my blog on Monday.

What are you reading or listening to today?

I am looking forward to a bookish weekend at the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon this weekend, it has come at just the right time.

What I’m Listening To: World Book Night 2020. 

It’s finally World Book Night! 

I wasn’t sure what to listen to, so I’m listening to the next book I’ll be doing a blog tour for: My Year of Saying No by Maxine Morrey. 

Thanks to Boldwood Books for this romance. 

Here’s a synopsis: 
Lottie Wentworth has never been more pleased to hear Big Ben ring in the New Year and wave goodbye to the year of saying yes! When a long-term relationship ended, her best friend’s scheme to get Lottie back in the swing of things seemed like a good idea. She’s kept her promise to Jess to see it through but, as a lover of the quiet life, Lottie couldn’t be happier to say hello to a brand new year – The Year of Saying No! Unfortunately, the one thing she still seems unable to say no to is the crush she has on her best client and now friend, Army veteran, Seb Marshall. But she’s working on it, and with rescue dog Humphrey at her side, she knows that she’ll manage just fine. Lottie’s decision to stop trying to please everyone has brought a sense of relief beyond what she had expected. Her actions and determination have also begun to send ripples throughout her life and those closest to her, bringing about changes none of them could have expected.

What are you listening to/ reading? Have a good World Book Night! 

World Book Night 2019

Today was quite busy with me emailing my wheelchair dealership as my TDX SP 2 NB powerchair is being looked over and repaired. It’s been away at the factory for about a month and I’m missing it.

My Quickie Rumba got me to and from our wedding celebration just about but is also due a look over.

I got some critiques in as well as did another book review. At least it is World Book Night tonight. I always look forward to this event and am listening to Getting Hot With the Scot by Melonie Jonson which is going to be my next blog tour. I feel like a challenge and so will see how many books I get through.

Today marks 13 years and a month  of Alfredo and I being together.