Seventeen Years of Us

Today’s a really special day because Alfredo and I have been together seventeen years. 17 years have gone by so fast and we have done so much.

We started our relationship on 23 March 2006. We’d been living together for two months by this point. By that June, we’d moved into our own apartment. The day we moved into an apartment alone (11 June 2006) was special because it was just the two of us, and also because it was my Gran’s birthday.

In the years since we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend back in 2006, we have experienced:

Happiness, sadness and insecurities.

The process of falling in love with each other. Engagement and then marriage

The loss of important family members

The pandemic

Many many hospital appointments for us both

A fight for housing, equipment and to be respected by others.

Many different movies and TV shows and we’ve found ones we love

We have found our favourite places to be together and have enjoyed exploring other places.

The seventeen years we’ve been together so far have been amazing, challenging and also rewarding and I am looking forward to many more, we both are.

We still have daily challenges, but face them together.

19 Years Without You, Pa

Today is October 15th, a day that is “good and bad” for me every year. It’s bad because my beloved grandfather Terrence Barton Kelly, passed away in 2003. But it’s also good because his memory is alive in me. Today was my grandparents’ wedding anniversary.

I am thinking about him a lot today, and his loss is one that is still very hard all these years later.

Also today, I was on the blog tour for Suzanne Rogerson’s , Love, Loss and Life In Between: A Short Story Collection. I specifically chose to post on this day as the book is poignant and about what the title says. Therefore, I knew if I did that today, a day which already has a lot of meaning for me, it would have even more.

I’m proud to be Terrence Kelly’s granddaughter. I will never forget him.

Choral Artists of Carmel “Out of Love and Graciousness” 2022 Online Spring Concert

I like helping people and so when I found out about the latest concert by the Choral Artists of Carmel, I felt I wanted to spread the word about it. Spring is finally almost here and it’s time for their latest concert entitled “Out of Love and Graciousness” 2022 Online Spring Concert. It’s tomorrow at 3PM PST.

If you can’t make it, it will also be on their YouTube channel:

Thank you to Robin McKee Williams for organizing the concert, and to the Choral Artists of Carmel for the concert. Special thanks go to Karin for letting me know about this special event.

I feel we all need some hope and faith right now, and music is an excellent way to get that.

Enjoy the concert!

Find out more about the Choral Artists of Carmel here on their website: