Review: Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry

Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry is an absolutely beautiful novel! Jemma and Braxton make a sweet couple and Braxton is kind loving honest and loyal. 
I really identified with the kind of love they shared as I am lucky to have the same with the love of my life. I have never been able to identify so much with a book on that score. 

I could not stop telling him about the parts of the book that I thought were very close to, or mirrored our life, relationship and love for each other. Namely, these were how Braxton never left Jemma’s side even despite lots of adversity, and how they were always in each others thoughts and hearts at the times when they weren’t together through circumstances. It was in how Jemma and Braxton were always each others “Number One,” the most important thing in life. We both agree it is a very romantic book! 
The strength of Braxton and Jemma’s relationship is what shines through in this book. It’s in how they fight for each other and seek one another out through Braxton’s 19 letters to Jemma. The wait between letters was hard for me, the plot was always engaging and I loved every word. However, the letters were something else. They showed me background and experiences as well as powerful memories. 
Jodi Perry effortlessly and accurately shows how love really can last if you fight hard enough for it, and that there is a “perfect someone” for everybody. 
All the characters are so real and likeable. Braxton’s dad was very well portrayed too. 
Nineteen Letters is amazing and faultless. Because of this, it deserves a glittering 5 stars! I want to read more by Jodi Perry, and will be rereading this infinite times. It has everything that makes it a stellar novel for me- romance, drama struggles and determination to be with the one you love through anything. 
Thanks to Jodi Perry and Little Brown Book Group (Sphere) for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.