Hope For Steve: Miracles Happen

I like helping people any way I can and this summer, an opportunity to help came unexpectedly.

When my friend Karin explained that something shocking had happened, I felt nervous. I wondered what it was. It turned out to be a shark attack.

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I live miles away from California, in Europe, but something inside me said “You have to do something, Katherine,” just like it does every time I see someone is in trouble or going through a tough time.

So, I wondered what I could do. What I did was I dictated a letter to Steve, from survivor to survivor, although my survival story is very different to Steve’s.

I wanted to give him hope, I wanted to show him that it was OK to need aids to move or people to help him. I didn’t want him to feel sad, or alone or like mobility aids were limiting.

I poured my heart into this letter. Steve has never met me, I have never met him, and comforting words come naturally to me. I am sensitive, have empathy and can easily imagine what people are going through.

As someone who has had a lifetime of hospitals, doctors and nurses, medical testing, evaluations and will always have to have these things, I want to tell Steve that I know how scary, alienating and nerve-wracking it can be to be in the hospital. How sometimes you feel scared, or anxious or just want to get out of the hospital. I have felt all those things, and I’m sure Steve did, and maybe still does, too.

Finally I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to Karin for the amazing opportunity for me to contribute to Steve’s book.

Thank you to everyone who rescued Steve, helped him, and contributed to the book.

I prayed for Steve in the summer and I am still praying.

This post is for you Steve, for you to live life in the best way you can. I hope you’ll find a way to do what you love even if it’s in a slightly different way. There’s no “before and after,” life will show you what great things it has in store for you.

Someday, I hope that I can visit California, Pacific Grove and Lover’s Point Beach, because the places look beautiful.

Most of all, I wish that there are no more shark attacks.

Steve’s story shows that miracles really do happen, which is what I am a firm believer in.