International Day of People with Disabilities 2018

I was doing some critiques for my online critique group when I realised that today is the 3rd of December and that means one thing- International Day of People with Disabilities. So, that was the logical choice for today’s post.

As we are in the last month of the year, it seems a good time to look back on what I have achieved this year that was more of a challenge than for most because of my disabilities.

Back in January, I pledged to get through 200 books this year. I finally achieved my goal a few days ago. Reading is a difficult task because of my eyesight and also the fact that many books are too heavy or cumbersome to use. With the help of VoiceOver on my iPad and iPhone, I was able to make all the books accessible.

Also in January, I made a revision promise to revise my 2017 NaNoWriMo novel. I have revised some, and finished two more (one from 2015 and also this year’s project).

March onwards saw me turning my mind to wedding plans. I had always wanted to meet and marry someone who saw me for me and Alfredo and I have been planning that this year. Today, we got the wedding favours in the post. Still need to get our outfits sorted but that will be done soon I hope.

Mobility equipment-wise, I bought a new  cushion in May. I have loved it since I got it.  The recent wheelchair problems I told you about on this blog were solved by a new battery, no visits from wheelchair technicians needed. So, long may this chair last. I am really liking the TDXSP2NB compared to my old Rumba.

On and off this year, I have been working on a memoir and am enjoying being admin for a short story and memoir group. The people in  the group have great stories to tell. Dragon Dictation has been a great help with that and all my computer- based tasks.

My aim, before the year is out, is to get more done on my writing projects and hopefully submit something to a publisher. The theme this year is “Equality and Inclusion.” Do I feel included? Yes, but not always. Do I feel equal? My answer to that is the same. There’s more to be done.

Happy International Day of People with Disabilities 2018! How are you spending it? With every December 3rd I hope the world is a better place for people with disabilities. 


Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: New Books and Hen Night Stuff

This week two of my books arrived: Trouble with Aaron and Now Zoey’s Alone both by Katherine Applegate. I’ve already read them. 

The first of my wedding-related orders came, the veil,sash and ring balloon. 

Review: Cien Two- Phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve been using  this lately and it is great! Very quick to use and effective. The formula does not irritate my eyes or feel greasy. The cap is secure and the product comes out in drops so you do not lose product unnecesarily. 

I got it on offer for 0.89€ but it usually costs 1,19€. The size is great and it does not take up space by my other toiletries. I get the impression that because of that it will also be good for traveling.

It is something I think I wil buy again and I was really impressd with how it removed  the makeup my usual makeup remover did not.  I’m planning to try it out on glitter makeup and see how it does with that. It is overall worth it.

Thankfully Reading 2018 – Last Day

I really enjoyed  this event and have  finished Jane  Lacey Crane’s ARC ebook The City of Second chances. I’m really glad I found this readathon and it has helped me get through more of my books for the year. Will definitely take part next year.

Recently I did a Cover Reveal   for the book. 

A Sassy Shopaholic’s Guide to Black Friday Weekend (Including Cyber Monday)

As today is Sunday, this is a special post for the Black Friday weekend. I adore offers and am easily seduced by them. I was really drawn to the Sephora site again. There is 20% off there now and I wanted to get another Lipstories Lipstick and Colorful Eyeshadow (both Sephora’s own brand). For ages, I have been wanting the lipstick in Oui and also the Colorful Eyeshadow in  Wedding Day which looks glittery and white.I have decided to get them another day. 

My Urban Decay Primer Potion is getting low and I love it but it costs 22€. Which, seeing as I may have to get new batteries or solve my wheelchair problem in another way, means I have to prioritise. I have some of my Sephora Glitterguard Glitter Eyeshadow Primer left but not much and I got it in the sale awhile ago and see it is not stocked online. That was well rated and even thought better than Too Faced’s Glitter Glue which is comparable in price  to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

So, I went on Ali Express and ordered some matte primer and glitter shadow primer from there for just over 1€ per tube. Bargain! I look forward to see what that’s like but will definitely get some more Primer Potion in the future. I also ordered this palette which I think looks to be a pretty good dupe of the Huda Beauty palettes. I HAD to get the purple one, I love purple and always finish my purple shadows quickly. I liked the red/ rust/ orange palette too but feel I have enough of those shades in my dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked Heat.

I bought some more wedding stuff too (the flowers) so it was a good  weekend. It’s easy to buy for the sake of it during the Black Friday weekend but I have some ideas how to spend wisely.

My Guide to Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday If You Wand to Get Great Bargains

1. Check out the prices of what you want to buy weeks before Black Friday. Online or in shops.

2. Have a list and stick to it.

3. Calculate the discounts to see how much an item is discounted by and if it is really worth it compared to the original parice.

4. Think: How much do you need what you are thinking of buying? Can it wait til Christmas or the January sales? Or maybe (like me) you have a birthday coming up.

5. Ask for things for your birthday or Christmas if you cannot afford them right now.

6. If it is makeup or beauty products, look around for dupes in other brands.

7. If it’s books you are looking for, download a free sample from Amazon first or become a book blogger on a site like NetGalley which sends books in exchange for a review.

So I hope this post was useful and that you enjoy the rest of the shoppping period as well as getting some bargains you are happy with. I tend to always follow these rules when buying. 



Wheelchair Control problems……Again. (Invacare G90A joystick)

Today, I was on my iPad listening to a book. We were ready to eat and  on trying  to move the chair, we noticed that the control was doing the same as earlier in the month- red LEDs flashing as well as the green key icon. We have been charging it every night like always but still the same problem.


The video was really short last time See it HERE so I decided to make this other one for the people at Invacare with me explaining what happens and when.


So from this, we don’t know if it’s a control problem or battery problem. 

Thankfully Reading Readathon: Book 2- The Writer’s And Artist’s Yearbook 2019

I’d heard of this book and authors, aspiring authors and publishers alike recommended it to me. I could have bought the editions from years past but my book wasn’t ready. I have many books in different draft stages. I was debating between the 2018 or the 2019 versions and thought I’d be better to get the 2019 version to have the latest advice and lists from the industry.

Before I ordered the Kindle ebook, I downloaded the free Kindle sample. The thing that struck me was the huge amount of information in that sample. I was hooked by the Foreword by Joanne Harris (a favourite author of mine since I bought a copy of Chocolat during my university days).

This guide has everything, advice on different aspects of writing (such as style and overcoming writer’s block as well as advice for being the best writer you can be) experiences of writers and listings for newspaper and magazine, as well as book publishers and screenwriting agencies in the UK and abroad by genre and also in alphabetical order.

For the last few years, I have been a NetGalley reviewer and many of the publishers that provide ARCs via NetGalley are in this book, so if you are working on your own book like me and like a particular publisher’s titles then this guide has all the details you need to submit your own work to them. Contact details, company information and the type of books they are interested in and how to submit to them. I find it especially useful as it confirms, and in many cases expands on, the information on their websites.

For years, I have also contemplated sending shorter works to magazines and this has everything I need to be able to do that too. I’m so glad I have this, it is a real investment and it beats having to trawl through websites to get the information.

Highly recommended! I’m on a bit of a writing reference book kick lately and this is the perfect first book for my collection. I bought the Kindle version because I use iPad VoiceOver to have my books read out to me. This is a great option for anyone with physical and visual disabilities like myself. It makes accessing the information in this large book much easier tham struggling with a paperback. It is also available as a paperback for anybody who wants the paperback.

I have some books that are more YA books so may find myself buying the Children’s Writer’s and Artist’s Handbook. I can already tell that the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook will be a staple on my Kindle app for years to come.

5 stars. An absolute essential for everyone who is a writer.