Dewey’s Readathon Mini Challenge: Reading Alphabet

Welcome to the  April 2018 edition of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, and this year I’m honoured to be hosting a mini challenge. This is a challenge that is all my own idea. 

Take a piece of paper, or the Notes app on your iPad or iPhone. Basically, wherever you want to record your challenge progress. Write READATHON vertically down the side. Next, choose a book that begins with R and read it, E and so on for all the letters of the word Readathon. Each book you have chosen MUST be read at some point during the 24 Hour Readathon.

When you finish, share the books you have read in the comments in this post. Different formats are allowed (print books, ebooks audiobook or ARC ). All books must be read/ listened to from beginning to end over the course of the readathon. 

Good luck and have fun! I’m looking forward to finding out what you read or listen to. 

17 thoughts on “Dewey’s Readathon Mini Challenge: Reading Alphabet

  1. Long comment alert, I knew I could never complete reading all these books today, so I read the first chapter/scene/prologue of each.

    R – Rommany (Eustacia and Duncan meet, fall in love, and marry)
    E – Exploits and Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy (Alethea, with the help of a servant, has fled her home and husband, dressed as a man and calling herself Mr. Aloysius Hawkins)
    A – Alias Grace (Our protagonist (if that is how you choose to see her) has a daydream involving no only her prison life, but her life before)
    D – Dress Shop of Dreams (We first meet Etta, dress shop proprietor, with the almost magical ability to find the perfect clothing to help give a woman whatever she most needs most [confidence, beauty, bravery, etc.] We also meet her granddaughter, the more practical, Cora, a biologist, orphaned at 5 that Etta raised.)
    A – Angela’s Ashes (Very long chapters, I was introduced to the author and his family, given history of his parents, how they met and married. Met each of his three brothers and finally his baby sister, who passed away at 7 weeks old. The family was very poor, Irish and Catholic, living in New York City. The father tended to drink whenever he would get paid so the mother and children were always cold and hungry.)
    T – Tartuffe (Act 1 Scene 1 is a basic introduction of the characters, we are introduced to the main characters, mostly by Madame Pernelle as she berates her son’s family and urges them to follow the example set by “Tartuffe,” a man she sees as pious and upright, but that her son’s wife, children and brother in law believe to be a hypocrite and con man.)
    H – Hollow City (This books picks right up where Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children left off, with the children, and an injured Miss Pelegrine [in bird form] are in row boats, fleeing the scene of the bombing and trying to reach the coast of Wales before the wights are able to find them.)
    O – Oryx and Crake (Someone named Snowman wakes up in a tree, without explaining the state of the world, he seems to be the only person around. He has a small cache of food and supplies, hidden in rubble to protect it from animals. He is covered with itchy insect bites, but is very careful about scratching because there would be the possibility of infection. He quotes what he believes are lines from books that he cannot remember the titles of. He even has trouble remember the lines he is trying to quote.)
    N – No Safe House (An elderly couple are woken in the night by loud music from a party at the rental house next door. They have had to ask these kids to keep it down before, but it doesn’t seem to do a lot of good. The husband decides to put on his bathrobe, walk next door and give them a piece of his mind. The wife follows in an attempt to keep things from escalating. The drunken college student apologizes and turns the music down. The couple return home, realizing first that they left the front door ajar and second that a strange man and woman are in their living room. The wife is shoved down on the sofa and the husband’s foot is broken by the male assailant. The female calmly asks the couple where “it” is, telling them that someone named Eli said “it” was somewhere in these people’s home. The elderly couple denies any knowledge of this “it” being referred to and insists they don’t know anyone named Eli. The female assailant instructs the male assailant to shoot both the man and the woman. She then tells the male assailant that she thinks they were telling the truth, but the house will need to be searched anyway.

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    • Hi Paula, thanks for taking part in my mini challenge! I have never read Angela’s Ashes but have seen the movie many times. No Safe House, Dress Shop of Dreams and all the others sound interesting. Have a great Readathon!


  2. I chose children’s books, so I’d have time to read front to back. Fortunately, I have a huge collection.

    Roland the Minstrel Pig by William Steig
    Ed Emberly’s Drawing Book by Ed Emberley
    A to Z by Sandra Boynton
    Dave’s Down-to-Earth Rock Shop by Stuart J. Murphy
    Amazing Bone by William Steig
    Tadpole’s Promise by Jeanne Willis
    Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson
    One Happy Tiger by Catherine Rayner
    Napping House by Audrey Wood

    Now to go add all of these to the database. That’s a lot of pages to our cumulative total.

    Thank you for this fun challenge.

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    • You are very welcome. Glad you like the challenge! It’s a great idea to use children’s books! Enjoy the Readathon. Adding books to the database is a great feeling.


    • Harold and the purple crayon : Harold put on quite a show for his circus audience with that crayon and then bowed very low , to thank them for coming . Good choice ! It’s a good bedtime book .


  3. I did this one with the little boy I nanny. I’m watching him for 14 hours today and when I told him about this challenge he got so excited and started picking out books. He’s 5. Here’s what we read!
    R – Reptiles … A non-fiction book all about reptiles, stats about them, and how dangerous or not dangerous they are to us
    E – Even Superheroes Have Bad Days … a book that’s teaches how to handle your emotions
    A – Are You My Mother? … a classic!
    D – (The) Day the Crayons Came Home… A boy who finds his lost crayons
    A – A Fish Out Of Water… A boy feeds his fish too much and can’t stop him from growing
    T – Ten Apples Up On Top … another classic
    H – Hensel and Gretel, Ninja Chicks … a retelling of Hansel and Gretel with two girl Hen ninjas who take on a fox. One of Alex’s faves. He loves anything to do with ninjas.
    O – Old Black Fly … The alphabet through a disobedient fly
    N – The Ninjabread Man … a retelling of the gingerbread man but with ninjas. Another favourite.

    While I was typing it he fell asleep on the floor wrapped in his blanket 😂😂 he actually was laying on the couch and got off so he could sleep on the floor. I guess reading tired him out.
    Bonus! He wrote out the word with each book we read and I have a picture of it and the books on my Twitter, here’s the link:

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  4. R: Raven
    E: Erased
    A: Amulet
    D: Digimon
    A: Avatar the last airbender
    T: The twillight children
    H: Hvad skoven skjuler (Danish fantasy)
    O: Over the garden wall
    N: Nimona

    The only one that is not a comic or graphic novel is the Danish fantasy book Hvad skoven skjuler.

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    • Very good idea to read graphic novels. The Twilight Children sounds spooky and fascinating! Thanks so much for taking part and enjoy the rest of the Readathon


      • Thank you, I thought it would be better to read short types of books. I would recommend reading graphic novels and comics during readathon. For me The twillight children was a bit of a let down, I was still confused when I finished it.
        Thank you for hosting this challenge, it was fun, and I hope you had a fun readathon as well.

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      • Hi Jennifer, I did thanks. It always goes so quickly though. Some can be a let down. I review books on my book blog which is called Katherine’s Book Universe ( I tried reading the Twilight Saga (Twilight) graphic novel. Well- drawn but the writing was very small for me.


    • Amulet . . . The kid I nanny has read the whole Amulet series . I am still in book one . I like it better than CORALINE by Neil Gaiman. You have in graphic novels .


    • Room is a great book! Have not read Aya.Keep going and hope you’re having a wonderful Readathon


  5. Most of those are children’s books so I could read the complete books. I really like this challenge!

    R- Red Riding Hood by Brothers Grimm
    E- Ella The Elegant Elephant by Carmela and Steven D’amico
    A- Are You an Ant? by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries
    D- Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates
    A- Anastasia: The New Broadway Musical by Lynn Ahrens
    T- The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
    H- Hucklebug by Stephen Cosgrove
    O- Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss
    N- Night in the Country by Cynthia Rylant

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    • Thanks Valerie! Sounds like you picked a varied selection of books. Enjoy the final minutes of Readathon


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